Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

One of my daily intentions is focusing on what I have and what I know I can have, instead of picking myself apart or focusing on what I don’t have.  Today, I invite you to join me.  To get started read a few of my thoughts below and ask yourself these questions:


1. Do you ever notice when you focus on what you don’t have or what you don’t want, you only seems to get more of the same?⠀

2. Do you ever notice that when your in a state of constant stress (like many people everyday) you tend to pick yourself apart and feel like shit?⠀

3. Do you ever notice that by focusing on what you don’t have all the time, you never actually get what you truly desire?⠀

So here’s my daily game plan and again I invite you to join me:

1. When I notice myself focusing on a lack mindset (ie- I am so stressed, I am never going to get this done, why does this come so easily to other people, etc) I will immediately stop 🛑 ⠀
Then, tell myself “I recognize that this thought is not of my highest self, I choose again.” And in this moment, with this intention, I can choose a higher thought. One of abundance and gratitude. ⠀

It’s not always easy, but with consistent practice this can be a game changer for my life and yours! ❤️⠀

If you’d like to share this intentional, daily practice with me comment below: I CHOOSE A HIGHER THOUGHT!

Want to chat more about this topic?  Email me at carmen@carmenohling.com!

Sending you a ton of light and love,


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