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Holistic Life & Leadership Coaching Certification

Start Living By Design, Not Default.


Led by Carmen Ohling.


…where connections & collaborations thrive.


….Resources including a Human Design & Enneagram Blueprint.


….Expansive workshops to master your leadership.

It’s Time To Get Clarity On What You Want

+ The Confidence To Go For It…

What do you truly want for your life?
As busy and ambitious women, it’s hard to gain clarity on our deepest dreams and desires.

But here are five tell-tale signs they are not being fulfilled:

1. You wake up every morning with the guilty weight of unfinished to-dos…

2. You hustle every day, splitting your focus and energy, but make no meaningful progress towards your dreams…

3. You smother your true feelings and needs to create space for everyone else’s problems…

4. You feel like you babysit others and white-knuckle too many responsibilities, limiting your leadership and success…

5. You can’t rest without thinking you should do more, be more, to achieve what others seem to have…

If we could just do enough, we could get what we truly desire—right?

The truth is…

No one can do it all–by doing it ALL.

Doing it all, controlling it all & not looking inwards gets in the way of fulfillment
because they get in the way of YOU.

evenTo go further, look deeper.

The good news is…

You can fulfill all your dreams & desires when you live a life by design.

A life of your own design naturally overflows with

Freedom, Leadership, Opportunity, and Wealth.

✨ Not endlessly chasing your goals, but acheiving even the most challenging with ease.

✨ Not paralyzed with endless to-dos, but energetically taking inspired action that leads you, your team, and your family further than before.

✨ Not stuck on the sidelines of others’ lives, but deeply connecting with people who support and encourage your wildest dreams.

✨ Not numb to your feelings but obsessed with your beautiful and abundant life.

Your biggest dreams are not too big to live.

When you embody your desires and lead with authenticity, your world is transformed from the inside out.

But to reach higher, you must first look deeper.


Flow Academy offers comprehensive leadership and holistic life coaching training to help you discover and align with your gifts.  The training is designed to transform you first so that you can lead from a place of alignment and then masterfully coach your clients and team.

Designing a life of FLOW – Freedom, Leadership, Opportunity, and Wealth.

That is what you find here.


Profoundly Transform
Your Life 


Confidently Coach
Your Team & Clients


Thrive to Grow & Scale
Your Business

Our signature flow method addresses the whole self – “a holistic approach”from nutrition and rest to creating space and developing a spiritual relationship, to uncovering limiting beliefs and building intentional relationships – we address it all – so that you can build a life you’re obsessed with and a leadership and coaching style your inspired by.

Through coaching calls, live classes, ample resources, and a supportive community, you get everything
you need to design a life of…


Release yourself from artificial expectations and do the things you are truly meant to do– your way.


Transform what’s not flowing in your life and fill your time with more energy, purpose, and opportunity.


Expand what it means to lead by investing in yourself first and using your authentic power to motivate and inspire others.


Invest in your superpower to build financial wealth with less work, as well as your wealth of experiences, wonder, relationships, and joy.



When you join Flow Academy it is more than just a life and leadership coaching program – you’re joining a movement.  A global movement that is fueled by 1000’s of thought-leaders, change-makers, and heart-centered coaches, just like you, to BE THE ONE to show the world how truly great life can be.  Together we first heal and transform our own lives, and then guide others to do the same.


Hear from leaders and coaches!

Chrystal Hart
Holistic Life Coach
Albany, Oregon

Najha Jones
Faith-Led Marketing Strategist
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Samantha Smith
Self Love Life Coach
Burley, Idaho

“I had been searching for a way to step into my most authentic self, but investing in myself was scary and I felt some resistance. However, I knew I had to follow my intuition. With the help of the Flow Academy, I have learned to create rituals and a schedule that keep me grounded and take me out of the chaotic mom mode that used to consume me.

By examining my belief systems that no longer served me, I have gained confidence in myself. Showing up every week and doing the work has helped me find my voice.

I am excited to leave the Flow Academy with the wisdom to build a life and business of my own design, and to help others create a life they love. If you’re ready for a holistic approach to building a strong foundation and looking at every aspect of your life, then the Flow Academy is for you. It has given me the tools to build a life of my own design, and it can do the same for you.”

– Samantha

“I had reached a point in my life where just showing up wasn’t enough, and I was fortunate enough to enroll in the Flow Academy. The Flow Academy has taught me what it means to do more than just show up – that’s the first step. Once you reach that point, you need to take the next level and become a leader, a resource, and a giver of all things, becoming the highest and best version of yourself.

For me, that’s what the Flow Academy has given me – not just through the people that I’ve met, but through the mentorship of those people, the connections that we’ve made, and all the methods, modalities, tips, tools, and tricks that we learned together. Comprehensive knowledge and skills have come together to help me level up in life, and it’s become more than just showing up – it’s become about giving back and leading.”

– Cassie

“I want to express my gratitude to you before we get too far into the journey. Although I know I could have done it on my own, you helped me streamline the process and really focus on it. Your guidance helped me to get curious about what I needed, and overall it has been a great experience.

The Flow Academy helped me to create whatever it was that I needed to move forward in my personal and professional life. Thank you for your support and for making this journey a smooth and meaningful one.”

– Jolene

Your journey to freedom begins here.



Join other leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs in an 18-week LIVE group program that embraces your next level in your life, health, relationships, and business. Using the Flow Life Methodology, you’ll gain hands-on experience to transform your life and step into the life and business of your dreams.

In Flow Academy, you will develop deep self-awareness, emotional resilience, clarity on your path, and confidence so you can live a life of flow and ease that extends to your business and all aspects of life. Plus, you’ll have the invitation to become a certified Holistic Life Coach and leave with the tools, resources, and business blueprint to start or scale your coaching business – we don’t just teach you how to grow your business, we help you do it within the program!

Claim Your Limited-Time Bonuses…

BONUS 1 – Reiki Level 1 Attunement Certification (value $699)

Expires 10/1 at 11:11pm PST

BONUS 2 – How to Lead Meditations Workshop (value $399)

Expires 10/4 at 11:11pm PST

BONUS 3 – 12 Weeks of Real Food Fat Loss Meal Plans (value $999)

Expires 10/7 at 11:11pm PST

BONUS 4 – Enneagram Blueprint & Human Design Reading (value $799)

Expires 10/9 at 11:11pm PST

Join ANY FLOW Academy track
by 10/01/23 to save $2,896 in bonuses!


Your FLOW Academy Leader…

Hi! I’m Carmen!

A Holistic Life Coach for ambitious women who leads with intention and lives a life by design, not default.

I spent too many years hiding behind my achievements and chasing the next thing in search of happiness and fullfillment.  My life looked good on the outside, but on the inside? I was numb. I had neglected my health, my relationships, and my most authentic self that I worked so hard to cover up.

One day I had enough, and I committed to finding a different way to live, to be, to connect, and to serve.  I now live in life on my terms, in flow, and it is more than I could ever even dream… Living in South Beach Miami, developing deep relationships with my loved ones, creator of my own podcast and International Retreat: The Permission Slip Podcast and The Permission Slip Retreat,  plus, I am making more money than I ever did in my corporate career. And the best part? I feel blessed every day, and with arms wide open, I embrace every magical moment in my abundant life.

And I want the same for you!

Which is why I created FLOW ACADEMY. You’ll find all of this in one of the learning levels, and I’m here to support you along the way!

It’s Time To Dream Big…

Give yourself the permission slip to dream bigger.

I spent years denying myself of the life I deserved, afraid of what was “too good to be true.” Until I realized, that truth is me!

When I finally became who I was meant to be, Freedom, Leadership, Opportunity, and Wealth poured into my life and overflowed my old reality.

You deserve to be fully you and receive that abundance too.

FLOW Academy gives you the resources I wish I had years ago…
to live the life that I have now— Come join us!

Questions? I got you…

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you’re a Leader, Entrepreuer, Coach, aspiring Coach, or simply want to learn how to transform your life— FLOW ACADEMY is the right place. 

Flow Academy is designed to help you embody you. In leadership and life, Flow Academy helps you holistically step into your own unique power and live life by design, not default.

Why should I invest in myself right now?

Every moment without flow is a moment you deny yourself of your dream life. I know what it’s like to neglect yourself and not invest in what inspires you because you have “too much to do,” but FLOW ACADEMY is here to cut through the crap, get really clear on your true desires and formulate a plan with the tools & resources to start living your authentic self.

How long will I have access?

You have lifetime access to all the recordings and resources. Likewise, the insights you discover and the transformations you make when you dive into yourself and discover your flow last you forever.

Are there payment plans available?

Flow Academy offers a 5-month payment option, in addition to longer financing offered through Affirm at checkout. Payment plans are only available if purchases are made before November 3rd.

When do the bonuses expire?

BONUS 1 – Reiki Level 1 Attunement Certification (value $699)

Expires 10/1 at 11:11pm PST

BONUS 2 – How to Lead Meditations Workshop (value $399)

Expires 10/4 at 11:11pm PST

BONUS 3 – 12 Weeks of Real Food Fat Loss Meal Plans (value $999)

Expires 10/7 at 11:11pm PST

BONUS 4 –  Enneagram Blueprint & Human Design Reading (value $799)

Expires 10/9 at 11:11pm PST


Are you finally ready to let go of doing it all, feeling overwhelmed and not finding joy in your life? I remember the day I said “no more” and  I let it all go!  I’ve created this guide with 3 simple steps for you to get started and find more joy in your everyday life and way less stress!

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