• You are eating healthy and working out but not getting results
  • You are trying to put yourself first but life keeps getting in the way
  • You want to quit dieting and over exercising and find a lifestyle that you enjoy
  • You want to be to be strong, gorgoues and feel confident AF

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I never imagined!

“Your program gave me an opportunity to see all the good inside of me, let go of all those past demons that have haunted me for so long, let go of resentments and learn to forgive but not necessarily forget. I never imagined that I could be this free and this happy. That little girl inside of me is singing and dancing. Thank you Carmen for the best gift that I have ever received! You are an angel and you saved my life. I don’t know if you will ever realize exactly how special you are to me but I really hope that this testimony is an affirmation of the amazing work that you are doing for people. 

– Heather

5 lbs in One Week?

Just wanted to let you know I am down 5 lbs in one week! The food is amazing and I’m walking and riding my bike everyday. Also, your instructions for planning ahead makes it so easy to prep food on Sundays so that I have it ready for the following week. I’ve never done it that way before but it is so helpful – thank you!

– Pam

We Got Married!

We started your meal plans in February.  We got married on June 29th!

Not to say we didn’t have a cheat day on occasion but we did our best. So here it is…. My before and after picture. Total weight loss 18 lbs, which is a lot if you’re under 5 feet tall!

Oh, and the dress is so tight in my before picture I couldn’t even breathe!

– Sharon

Best Shape of My Life!

Thank you Carmen for helping me reach my goals.

I have been working with Carmen for 11 weeks on a transformation challenge. I started out at 113.9 pounds and ended up at 100.9 pounds. Losing a total of 13 pounds. My starting body fat was 26.4% and ended up at 18.8%.

I couldn’t have done this without her she was super motivating during this whole process. I’m in the best shape of my life and haven’t felt better. I couldn’t thank you more for helping me in my fitness journey. If you are trying to reach a goal then I recommend using Carmen she will definitely help you achieve it!

– Lyn

More Great Stories!

I love Carmen and her program! Best decision I made this year towards my health. I loved how specific the recipes were and how easy and delicious they were as well. I looked forward to them every week! It made it easy to keep on track. I thank you for helping me with my fitness journey, I felt very lost before I started your program!


When I started I was the normal, busy mom with a busy schedule that worked out and “ate well”   Well one month on a food plan and help understanding my food needs and what they did for me I was down a solid 6 lbs. THAT WAS GREAT! Not to mention, my family loved the food too! Carmen took my calls and answered my text, held me accountable and called me on my bluffs.

March of 2017 I was 183 lbs and 30% body fat, today I am 156 lbs and 18% body fat. I feel confident in the foods that I put into my mouth. Confident that I have been given the tools I need to make this a lifestyle. Confident that I am now connected to a woman that empowers, educates, and truly cares about her clients. Carmen has helped me change my today to have a healthy and more active tomorrow.


So…my plan was to private message you Carmen and tell you a little bit about myself. However my dear friend Sue said that I need to share my journey. I hope that others will read this and benefit from it.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about 16 years ago and have constantly battled with the symptoms that go along with it. I was super skeptical to try the healthy eating approach simply because the recommended diet during a flare is a low residual diet which consists of lots of high fiber and mostly the foods that are in no way healthy but are supposed to be easy to digest. White bread and peanut butter are not flattering on anyone’s body but especially not a 54 year old!

Anyway, I decided to give it a shot because many of the people at work have been doing your 28 day challenges and have been looking and feeling great. Since having started on the 28 day plan I am happy to tell you that I have not been experiencing any negative effects. As a matter of fact I feel better than I have in a long time.

I LOVE the food and the fact that I can take a Sunday afternoon and get ready for the entire week! I just realized that I sound like an infomercial! Just to let anyone reading this know that I am not on Carmen’s payroll and in fact have never met her. I am amazed at the difference and am super excited about the upcoming challenges!

The food this week is awesome! Love the Chia Seed Overnight Oats especially- so easy! My husband was super anxious when I said that I was going to sign up. Believe me when I say that my flares are not pleasant and my family suffers along with me. I make SURE of it.

Thanks for doing this Carmen and making it so easy for us!”


When I started this journey I really wanted to believe it would work but I had my doubts. I’ve been a strong believer in low carb eating for many years. So when I saw how many carbs were to be eaten each day I thought it just couldn’t work, but I figured trying it for 4 weeks couldn’t hurt.

Well, 7 months later…oh my goodness…

The way my digestive system feels, the energy I have and the steady weight loss has been amazing!

I’m definitely living proof that the balance of macronutrients you’re teaching us, Carmen Ohling, is almost magical. The delicious and abundant food makes it so easy to stick with. One of my concerns was eating the same thing every day for a week, but having everything prepared, so I’m not left to my own devices when I’m hungry, far outweighs that concern.

I’m down 26 pounds and pretty close to my goal. My past experience has been that maintaining my weight and staying consistent in my eating habits, once I reach a goal, are not easy. But I’m encouraged and optimistic that success will be mine! Thank you, Carmen, for being a huge blessing to me!

After these 7 months I feel like I know you well, even though we haven’t actually met- I hope that changes one of these days!”


Thank you so much for all of your support, knowledge and delicious recipes. I am so excited with my progress – I’m now at 23.3% body fat – down 1.2% from my last measurements! I couldn’t have done it without you!


Carmen – I want to thank you for helping me reach my goal of losing 10 pounds during the 28 day clean eating program. You’ve given me a clearer understanding of how to maintain my long term goals – thank you!


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