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Hi I'm Carmen!

After working 16 years in a successful corporate career, climbing the ladder, earning the rewards, and getting the promotions, I left.  I left after finally realizing that working through many seasons of burnout, my way of living was not sustainable and was detrimental to all areas of my life, including: my health, my relationships and my connection with my authentic self.  I gave a month’s notice to follow my passion of guiding other high achieving women to write their own permission slip and live the life of their dreams!

Today, I find joy in everyday life. I don’t have to wait for the weekend or the next vacation (although I do love to travel), the most amazing moments are happening right now, today- in this very moment. We just need to slow to experience it and I invite you to join me!


I have struggled in the past with feeling lost and not really knowing exactly how to work through certain events that have taken place throughout my life. I’ve gone to a few different counselors in hopes to reveal all of my “dirty little secrets”, she would waive her magic wand and voila! I’d be fixed! Unfortunately, that is not exactly how it works. After my most recent counseling experience I felt that it did help a lot, but it plateaued as usual and I quit going. I still felt lost and desperately needed to find myself. I just didn’t quite know where to look. A couple months later Carmen  told me about her Private Coaching and Mentoring.  I learned that the program was really personal to me and focusing on myself. I would learn to love myself, improve relationships, advance in my career, learn how to replace negative with positive through the power of positive thinking and gratitude and just finding inner peace and true happiness. This was everything I ever wanted and seemed so easy that it was too good to be true, kind of like an infomercial so I was naturally a bit skeptical but I figured that I had nothing to lose! 

I was very optimistic and excited to begin and sure enough after the first week I was hooked.  Some challenges were more difficult for me than others but that’s what happens when you have deep buried shit that you haven’t ever really worked through. I also loved that we all had opportunities to get to connect through the Facebook group and through Carmen’s Zoom calls. 

This experience has changed my life and I truly believe that everything that happen was meant to be. I feel like an enormous void has been filled. I know exactly who I am, what I’m capable of and that I’m worthy! I love everything about my unique self and That’s an amazing feeling! I finished my experience but I’m still working the program. I am so grateful to Carmen for reaching out to me and giving me this amazing gift

Heather G.

Denver, Colorado

Carmen is one of our communities top presenter today for our virtual workshops, and let me tell you, she is fantastic!

She always has a very thoughtfully prepared presentation, and beautiful workbooks that she provides in advance for us to send out to attendees to increase engagement.

Carmen is professional, engaging and knowledgeable with good ideas, fun anecdotes and thought-provoking content. I have also had the pleasure of hearing her speak several times before in-person and was thoroughly impressed.

We are always thrilled to have her as our guest presenter. I would highly recommend her!

Firiel Severns

Albany Area Chamber of Commerce

It is my most sincere honor and privilege to write this recommendation for truly one of the most empowering presenters we have ever hired to be a part of our annual FITposium conference. 

Carmen’s presentation at our FITposium conference in front of an audience of nearly 400 entrepreneurs was informative, inspirational and impactful!

Where so many presenters stay surface level in their seminars, Carmen has the unique ability to quickly go deep for true connection and resonance with the audience.

I could not praise Carmen enough for her thought-provoking approach to creating true life change and transformation

James Patrick

FITPosium Founder, Award Winning Photographer

I hit rock bottom on Mother’s Day.  Binge eating had taken over my life, resulting in a self-loathing I had never known before.  My body was constantly swollen and achy.  My joints hurt and I suffered from frequent migraines.  My mood-swings were horrendous and had started taking a toll on my family.  On Mother’s Day my husband actually said to me “I feel like I’m losing my wife”. After a brief consultation call, I agreed to 12-weeks of personal coaching.  

Carmen helped me with mindset, nutrition, movement, limiting beliefs and more.  The morning ritual she helped me create allowed me to be intentional daily.  She gave me tips to manage stress…and reminded me daily that I am FREAK’N AMAZING.  Unlike other “coaching programs” I had tried in the past, Carmen was totally committed to my success.  We texted often and had Zoom calls every other week.  She was supportive 100% of the time, bringing nothing but positivity and good vibes to my life.

 So, where am I now?  After working with Carmen for 12-weeks,  I am nourishing my body and soul for the first time in my life.  I make commitments to myself and keep them.  I give myself grace.  And, as return to loving myself, I have also reconnected with my husband on a deeper level.

Thank you, Carmen.  You have no idea what an impact you’ve had on my life.  You truly do light up every room you walk into.  And, I am so grateful for the kindness, compassion, and unwavering support you’ve shown me.  

Toni E.

Portland, Oregon

Speaking & Workshops & Retreats

Avoiding Burnout

Burnout impacts over 80% of US workers at some point in their career. Burnout happens when prolonged stress is no longer manageable and presents physically, mentally and emotionally. Learn simple practices to avoid burnout and stay a top performer in your business and life!

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Show Up With Confidence

Confidence is not just something you have, it’s something you create. Learning how to show up with confidence both in person and virtually is a winning strategy that will help you achieve your goals quickly!

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When it comes to modern business, so much of which is conducted online, effective communication and scheduling is more important than ever!  Implementing key processes will increase both results and inspired engagement!

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