Earlier this month, I sat down to reflect on the month of April. I do this every month as a self check-in and a review for our company. I review key items both professionally and personally to ensure that I am showing up as my best and that as a company we are focused and aligned to serve as many as possible.
This month’s review brought up many emotions for me. I was feeling eager, expectant, uneasy, provoked, confident, in awe, and even a little avoidant. An interesting list, I know right? I was excited to dive into these feeling a bit more, and here’s what I found:
1.  I was eager, expectant, and uneasy because God has called me to something new and something fresh this year and it’s the main focus for our company. With that being said, I can’t yet see the end results and all of the steps are not mapped out, but I am faithful and in full belief that it will happen. And, I trust and know that the growing pains and moments of doubt I am feeling occasionally are only signs that I (we) are headed in the right direction! 
a.  The one new thing is the Amplify Your life World Conference, happening Sept 20-21st in Bend, OR – Please do consider joining us, we need your energy in the room!
b.  The one fresh thing is that we are doing a complete overhaul on Flow Academy, our life and leadership coaching certification! Soon more people will have access to this level of learning and transformation through our self study option AND our certification will now be an advanced hybrid program both online and in person. There’s way more, so stay tuned! If you want to be the first to know, you can let us know HERE.
2.  I was also feeling provoked, confident and in awe of what my next assignment for growth, business, and spiritual maturity have been. For the first time in my life (I know it has taken me 43 years), I have let go of control almost completely and allowed others to naturally support me, help me, and I have to tell you I have never felt so supported in my whole life! I have cried many, many tears of joy over this and shared it with my husband Joal and he is one of my main sources of this support that I am finally allowing!
3.  The last feeling was uncomfortable to address, being avoidant. Often, when uncomfortable feelings arise we use our learned coping mechanism to bypass them or avoid them. My learning coping mechanism of choice is overworking. What’s yours, do you know? The feeling of avoidance was arising in April as I had to admit to myself and my team that I was not working at my fullest capacity. The work that I am doing is growing and stretching me, which also brings those thoughts of doubt but when I avoid the feeling, I don’t have to deal with that and I can just “be busy.” Maybe you can relate. 
Here’s what I did to ensure that I am working at my fullest capacity for the month of May:
a.  Review this year’s big projects: Conference, Self/Study + Hybrid Certification, Book Proposal, Speaking and Corporate/Workplace Training. Ensuring that each of these have a timeline, tasks, proper delegation, and success measurements.
b.  I did one BIG brain dump (you can find more about that in my journal HERE) for the work that needs to be completed in May. Looking at the tasks, I was then able to remove some, delegate some, and categorize them into my 20% or 80%. Then, I broke it down to tasks that take no longer than 3 hours (that’s my sweet spot for deep work.) Lastly, I ensured that each day I have a minimum of one task completed in my 20%. Please feel free to reply to this email if you want more on the 80/20 rule.
When was the last time you took inventory of your emotions? To get started, simply being aware and naming them using the feelings wheel is a great way to up your self awareness! You can download a PDF version of the feelings wheel HERE.
I’d love to hear from you! What success can I celebrate for you this week?
Email us at hello@carmenohling.com let me know…


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