This Week I am Manifesting One of My Dreams!

This Week I am Manifesting One of My Dreams!

This Week I am Manifesting One of My Dreams!

Back in 2018 I put a picture of the ocean and beach on my vision board, and I wrote in my journal:

“I wake up more days than not during each year next to the beach.”

Where?  When?  How?  I could not answer those questions, but I could feel my soul calling me to the water, to the earth, to the sun.  I am sharing this with you because often we give up on our dreams and desires because we don’t know the “exact plan” to get there. We are unable to control all the details, so we tell ourselves that it was not meant to be…

In 2020, I began to declare that Joal and I were going to move to Tulum, Mexico, and live there 6 months out of the year.  Keep this in mind- we had never been to Tulum, or do we know anyone that lives there or much about the area in general.  However, the Universe kept serving me up synchronicity after synchronicity and sign after sign about Tulum.  The next best step to get closer to this dream was to book a trip.  We booked a weeklong trip to Tulum to fully immerse ourselves in the city and the culture and to celebrate my 40th birthday.  The trip was set for January 2021….

Enter the Worldwide Pandemic that continued from 2020, and our trip was postponed.  So what do you do when your soul is saying beach but the world is saying “stay safe, stay home?”  You google search: warmest beach in the United States in January.  Google told me this, which is so true and a place that Joal and I now call home: Miami Beach, FL.


We returned from our trip in January 2021 to celebrate my birthday and wake up next to the beach and Joal and I was sitting on the couch at home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He says, “I think Miami is your beach!” Fuck yes it is!  He didn’t have to tell me twice!  And, just like that, my manifestation of waking up next to the beach came to life and we moved on February 22, 2021, from Colorado to Miami Beach.

But wait… there’s more!  As I write this we are currently on that trip to Tulum.  We are staying the week at Holistika Tulum and fully immersing ourselves in the culture and energy of this magical city.  Will we move here and live 6 months out of the year, I am not sure but I am sure that I am open and willing for that to be possible!

The new dream: Buy an investment property Joal and I can live in ½ of the year and rent out the other ½ of the year…. Of course, near the beach!

Stay tuned for updates on that dream and about our experiences here in Tulum!

Happy Manifesting,


Proof Manifesting Works!

Proof Manifesting Works!

Proof Manifesting Works!

It’s almost hard to explain how big of a dream this was for me and what it meant to me.  I actually just received the calling on my heart to give $1,111 each month back in November.  I redid my vision board at the end of December and placed this number on the board, $1,111.  I began to look at it each day, to declare it done in written form in my journal, and to feel the excitement and inspiration in my body when I visualized giving in this way. Can I tell you how absolutely insane and exciting it feels that it is spreading so quickly!  And, not only is it spreading for me and manifesting my dreams but there is also a ripple effect for others around me.  By the end of this month (January, the first month of the year) I will have manifested this dream.  Let me share with you how it went down…

No, I didn’t just write one big fat check in the amount of $1,111, and besides that do you even own checks or write them, I sure don’t!  LOL!  At the very beginning of the month, I had been praying and meditating on guidance around a business mastermind and a couple of retreats for Joal and I.  These two experiences are considerable expenses, with of course a large value but the question was- this the right time for us and for my business?  And, then God spoke to me. First, you need to give.  You need to bless someone else with an opportunity for growth. Then, the right answer will come to you. For the last month, I had been planning on doing a post about this bracelet that was given to me by Jaime Kern Lima at Rachel Luna’s event, Confidence Activated in November. In fact, not only did she give me a bracelet, but also a signed copy of her book, and all the other women present also received the same! This is where the initial inspiration for my giving on my vision board was birthed.

So, I thought, let’s post a pic of the bracelet and give my signed copy of her book away.  I already had a copy and read it- love it, by the way, I highly recommend it!  As I was typing the post I heard: “Give bigger, give more.”  I was so moved by this I added a fully paid ticket to Rachel’s next Confidence Activated event in October of 2022.  Almost immediately Rachel sent me a voice note that said: Thank you, thank you, Carmen!  A few weeks ago, I wrote in my journal that female influencers would buy tickets and give them away, and today it came true with your post!  Talk about mic drop at this moment- not only is my dream coming to life but the ripple effect allowed for one of Rachel’s to manifest as well.

My giving this month $1,111:

  • Tithing
  • Giving cash on the street
  • Ticket to Confidence Activated
  • Donations to families in need that are going through challenges via GoFundMe

The one thing I hope you take from this story is to give yourself permission to dream your BIGGEST, WILDEST dreams… and then get to work understanding how to use your energy to manifest them!

Because they do come true.

Here’s to manifesting in abundance in your life,




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The Top 6 Supplements You Need to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season!

The Top 6 Supplements You Need to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season!

As the seasons change, your body’s needs change.  I don’t know about you, but when I lived in Oregon and Colorado, I was ready to hibernate!  Yes, I felt like sleeping more, getting cozy on the couch and eating warming comfort foods.  Winter is a time for deep inner reflection and restoration for our bodies.

The number one question I get, is “what are the best supplements to take?”  While the answer is really personalized to everyone (hello bio-individuality), I am sharing with you today the supplements I choose to take that support me in the winter season.  These supplements will keep your energy high, skin looking fresh, your immune system strong and support the renewal and restoration of your body!

#1 – Vitamin D3 with K2
This is one of the 24 chemicals that are critical for human survival.  Vitamin D helps with immune and bone health, as well as boosts your testosterone levels.  It also reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes. Vitamin D supplements will supercharge your immune system and make you more resistant to viruses.  Also, having adequate levels of Vitamin D will facilitate bouncing back quicker and minimize the risk of complications.  Most people in the US have a deficiency of Vitamin D, and do not get enough sunshine daily for their own bodies to make and synthesize this vitamin naturally.

#2 – Zinc
Zinc is another immune-boosting supplement.  It also is a key mineral to support protein production, your cells, and even help support your hormones like testosterone. I take 30mg per day, unless I feel like I am getting sick, then I will double that for a few days!

#3 – Berberine
Ever noticed that you’re more heavy, comfort foods not only during the holiday, but in the winter season?  Yes, me too.  It’s actually natural for our bodies to crave warm, comforting foods during the winter months. This is why I take Berberine whenever I plan to have carb heavy foods or desserts.  Berberine is a natural supplement that help regulate your blood sugar (aka: glucose) after a meal because it helps to activate an enzyme that boost your insulin sensitivity.  I normally take 500mg of Berberine with my meal, up to 3 time daily.

#4 – Cod Liver Fish Oil
So here is the deal with most packaged, processed foods today:  They contain high omega 6 oils such as safflower, sunflower, corn, cottonseed and soybean oil. These heavily processed seed oils can throw off the delicate balance of omegas in the body creating an inflammatory state. I focus on protecting that balance by decreasing omega 6 oils and increasing my omega 3 oil, by taking 1 tsp of a Cod Liver Oil supplement daily with food.

#5 – Magnesium
I like to think of magnesium as the relaxation mineral.  It is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, and it is important for bone health, muscle contraction and repair, and it stabilizes your blood sugar. It also helps you sleep!  I take 200mg of magnesium glycinate before bed, and double or tripling that the week prior to my cycle to help with PMS symptoms.  But, tread lightly with magnesium- you may need to build up to it, as too much too soon can cause diarrhea!

#6 – Protein Powder

Getting in adequate protein each day is so important and especially as our bodies age as women we may even need a little more. Protein supplies your cells with amino acids necessary for proper functioning, protein also helps turn off hunger hormones to help you feel full and satisfied while also helping to keep your blood sugar levels stable.  I recommend adding a 1/2 scoop, up to 1 scoop of protein powder per day to things like smoothies, oatmeal, or chia pudding.

I hope this list has been helpful to prepare you for a healthy holidays and the winter season ahead!

Sending you love and light this holiday season,


12 Healthy Recipes for Your Super Bowl Party!

12 Healthy Recipes for the 2021 Super Bowl

Save yourself from feeling like crap and having low energy (not to mention the next day guilt and inflammation) by choosing a few of these healthy Super Bowl recipes instead!  The Super Bowl experience does not have to include drowning ourselves is dip, cheese, and greasy processed foods. You can have flavor, fun and totally enjoy Super Bowl foods without the heavy, shitty foods.

I’ve put together my favorite appetizers, dips, proteins and beverages for you to try.  CLICK HERE to download a printable version of each of these recipes!  Here is a breakdown of the recipes:

Appetizers: Protein Packed Deviled Eggs, Fruit Kabobs, Maple Almond Popcorn

Dips: Layered Nacho Dip, Chili Lime Chips, Green Goddess Dip, Golden Beet Hummus

Proteins: Crispy Pork Tenderloin, Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork, Honey Chili Meatballs

Beverages: Ginger Lime Juice (boost that digestion!), Blueberry Agua Fresca, Raspberry Mojito (mocktail or cocktail)

I’d love to see your healthy creation so be sure to tag me on IG @carmenohling!!


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