A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in contemplation of two ideas, which proved to be very profound for me in my life.  So today I am sharing it with you!
Here are the two ideas…
1. Devotion
2. Attachment


I sat considering what each of these meant in my life and here is what I came up with:
Devotion is expansive, giving, holding space, and operating from a place of love.  Attachment is constricting, ego-based, a comfortable low vibration, and attempts to bring you down or keep you in one place. What if we all got clear on what we are devoted to and even more clear on what we are attached to in our own lives.  If you are with me this year and you are striving to upgrade every element of your life, then this process seems like it is absolutely necessary.  Without this self-awareness, it will be very easy to be blind to our own attachments and unknowingly step back into the comfort that so sneakily holds us back. 


I am devoted to:
  • My spiritual relationship, being obedient
  • Myself, my optimal health
  • Joal
  • My opportunity to serve 
  • My family (including close friends)
What I am attached to:
  • I first wrote everything… LOL!
  • Negative thought patterns around my body, relationship, and finances
  • Using coping/numbing to not feel, especially to not feel
  • Using being busy to feel worthy, rather than being still connecting to Source
Now the question for each of us is how can I intentionally spend more time in devotion and less time holding tightly to my attachments?   What if I loosened my grip on my attachments, even better… what if I completely let go?
Reminder: Miracles are natural, and when they are not occurring something has gone wrong.


Sending you a ton of high vibe light today,


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