Stopping on my walk this morning in beautiful, sunny Miami Beach, I picked up a shiny copper penny. It was head-side down, so I flipped it over to view the year: 2016.

Do you stop to pick up lucky pennies? What if it’s a dime, or maybe a quarter? Or do you simply walk by without a second thought? After reading this, you’ll stop every time…

As I looked at the shiny penny in my hand, I thought back to my life in 2016. Here are a few highlights from that year as I look back:

{Tip: Look back in your journal and the photos on your phone to get your memory going.}

  • Two years previously, I left my successful corporate career with JPMorgan to start my coaching company. Our intention and mission in the early years were to guide others to nourish their bodies with real food and optimize their energy and mindsets.
  • Our daughter graduated from 8th grade in June and entered her freshman year of high school in the fall of 2016.
  • We visited our son, who was attending Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. By the way, he graduated from there two years later with a biomedical engineering degree.
  • I was very passionate about training and building my physical physique during this time, too. I competed in three bodybuilding competitions that year: one in Denver, one in Washington State, and one in LA. My highest placing that year was second. I’ve always wanted to earn an overall placing… thinking it’s never too late. What do you think?
  • My bestie and I went on one of our first bestie trips (out of state) and found a “bike freeway” and a restaurant with the best ice for their drinks. Really, the ice does matter and can make or break a drink!
  • I struggled with family stuff and feeling disconnected from Joal at times this year because of challenges in our lives.
  • I also organized another girlfriend trip to Scottsdale that year, the first of many. Know that if you want something like that to happen, you’ll most likely have to BE THE ONE to make it happen!
  • Joal and I did our annual trip to Las Vegas, but this time to celebrate our niece’s 21st birthday. They won big on craps and me on roulette.
  • I spoke at the Amazing You Women’s Conference about putting yourself first and taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.
  • I read the book, A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, and it changed my life. This was my first introduction to A Course In Miracles. IYKYK.
  • I fully stepped into taking personal responsibility for my life, my results, my thoughts, my emotions…. For it all. You know that moment when you think, “Oh sh*t, maybe it’s me?!”
  • Our family dog, Knala, was officially my-ride-or-die in 2016. I still miss her every day.
  • I struggled with under-eating and over-eating after dieting for over a year for bodybuilding competitions. This took a pretty big hit on my confidence too.
  • My journaling practice was key to overcoming many of my challenges this year and became a staple in my life to this day.
  • I attended two in-person events alone, with the intention to make new, meaningful connections and push myself into uncomfortable situations for growth.

Today was a pretty cool day of reflection, all because of a lucky penny I found on the ground during my morning God walk. Thinking back to 2016, I feel so blessed today. I never dreamed that my life, health, relationship, and business would be at the level they are today.

I did a poll in our community this week around what we complain about most. The top things were: work colleagues, not enough time, stress and overwhelm, family members, and not enough money. It made me think of a quote I heard at an event by Jasmine Star: “The things you are complaining about today are the things that you once prayed for.” LET THAT SINK IN.

Each day, life is ready to present us with blessings and miracles; we simply must be open to receive them. So, next time you see that penny on the ground, I hope you pick it up. I hope it causes you to reflect. I hope that it brings you to a place of deep appreciation and gratitude for your life. I hope it inspires you to keep going.

Sending you love and high vibes!



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