Do you have a plan B?

Plan B is defined as an alternative course of action or backup plan that can be implemented if your original plan fails or you encounter significant obstacles. Relying on your Plan B’s undermines your commitment to your goals.

Here’s a few reasons that Plan B can F’ you up….

1. Reduces your commitment and effort: Knowing that there’s a backup plan available diminishes your dedication and effort towards the original plan. Often causing us to become complacent or less motivated to give our full commitment to Plan A.

2. Promotes a lack of focus and direction: When we have a Plan B it diverts our attention and focus away from the primary objective. Instead of channeling our energy into making Plan A successful, we are constantly evaluating and preparing for alternative scenarios, which dilutes your focus and commitment.

3. Lowers your risk tolerance: Relying too much on a backup plan makes you risk-averse. When you hesitate to take calculated risks or venture outside your comfort zone, because of the safety net Plan B provides, you limit yourself and your potential for growth. Hindering your ability to achieve extraordinary results.

4. Self-doubt and indecisiveness: Excessive future thinking and constantly contemplating a backup plan only leads to self-doubt and indecisiveness. When you begin to question your abilities, and second-guess your choices, you struggle to commit fully to any particular path. This creates a never-ending cycle of uncertainty that slows or completely stops your progress and growth.

5. You miss opportunities: Anytime you have a Plan B, you overlook or often dismiss expansive, valuable opportunities that arise in the pursuit of your original goals and dreams. Opportunities often require seizing the moment and taking calculated risks, which conflicts with your mind anytime you are relying on a Plan B.

So today, I HIGHLY encourage you to DECIDE. Decide what you truly want in this season of your life, and GO FOR IT!!! By staying committed and resilient, you increase your ability to develop the confidence you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams and goals without relying on a Plan B.

Here’s to NO PLAN B!!!


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