How much time do you spend carefully curating your selfies?⠀

How much time do you spend curating the words you think and speak to yourself?⠀

Your thoughts are powerful.  The words you think and speak to yourself shape your life and paint your reality whether you realize it or not.

I use to fear my thoughts, believing I had no control over them. After digging in (and lots of daily practice of reframing) I learned that my thinking was creating my experiences, just like your thoughts are likely creating yours!

As I learned to take control of my thoughts, it became easier to align myself with higher thoughts and my entire life began to shift!
Ways You Can Reframe Your World
1. Observe – Keep a journal handy and start by paying close attention to the thoughts that go through your mind in any given day. Now, really try to pay attention! Catching the thoughts that you tell yourself isn’t super easy to do because the things you tell yourself and choose to believe are incredibly subconscious. Take note of everything! Your own positive self praises, the moments you’re being hard on yourself and the things you might be thinking about other people.
2. Reflect – After three days, review your journal as if you were a stranger reading about the story of someone’s life. Are the thoughts you’re reading one of a woman who truly believes in herself and is kind to others? Are you reading about a woman who is constantly wondering why these things always happen to her? Are you reading about someone who gives grace to herself and others? Is trapped by her own negative self talk?
3. Reframe – Take note of a single thought that is clearly not serving you and brainstorm ways you can see that thought in a new light. For example, you can take “Why is this happening to me?” and turn it into, “How is this happening for me?” See how that went from a place of defeat to a window of opportunity? Or perhaps you can take the thought, “I can’t handle this” and reframe it to, “I know I’m capable of working through this because I’ve conquered _____.”
4. Grant Grace – If you start to feel overwhelmed by how many thoughts you should likely reframe or are frustrated that the reframes aren’t coming naturally, do not worry! This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t be a cause for frustration. Here’s why… At the end of the day, your thoughts are trying to protect you. When life gets tough or scary, your mind wants to save you from that and the easiest way to do so is by preventing you from leaning into the discomfort. That being said, the way to “win” here isn’t by achieving zero negative thoughts in a day. The “win” is that you’re able to realize when you’re experiencing a thought that isn’t serving you to the highest potential and are able to turn into something better.

Some Extra Practice
For me, it’s easiest to generate positive thoughts throughout the day when I start by putting myself in the right headspace first thing in the morning. Here are a few powerful thoughts (mantras) that I use to align myself and my thoughts to high vibe energy:
  • I am complete.
  • Life is fun, easy and every flowing.
  • My life is infinitely abundant.
  • The world needs me and my unique gifts.
  • I am a magnet for miracles.
  • There is enough time and money for everything.
  • I always have everything I need, and it flows to me in abundance and at the perfect time.
  • I deserve the best in life.
  • I am filled with positive, radiant light and I shine wherever I go.
  • There is plenty of time and money for everything. 
I want to hear from you! What is your favorite mantra or words of affirmation that you use? Email me at and share one of your own or take one of mine and make it your own.
Wishing you a ton of light and love,


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