Let’s chat about FEAR. I think with all that’s happening right now, it’s a perfect topic for this week….⠀⠀


I used to be so wrapped up in what others thought of me, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. “Who am I to do this?”, “There are people who are better than me”, “What if I mess up and look dumb?” were thoughts that replayed in my head day after day and held me back in every way imaginable. ⠀⠀


They were on repeat in my head and there was no way I could stop them. But honestly, I didn’t even try. I didn’t try because I was in fear of what I might uncover. Instead, I just filled every day with more and more. I thought that the more I did and the more external validation I received, the better I would feel. I lived every day so neutral, so “everything is fine”, that I didn’t even know what it was like to experience true joy. ⠀⠀


Until…. I was over it.I became so sick of not achieving all that I wanted in life and knowing everything I was doing was based on one single emotion… fear. Here is the thing – I knew that fear was not going to completely disappear from my life, so I needed to stop viewing it as a bad thing to get rid of. Instead, I needed to view it as something that was perfectly fine. What was not perfectly fine, was it running my life.⠀⠀


I became determined to have a healthy relationship with fear and here is what I learned. You get to choose. Instead of focusing on “what is the worst that can happen” try focusing on “what is the best that can happen. Or, instead of focusing on “there’s not enough ____” (Like: There is never enough time or money) try focusing on “there is always plenty of time and money for everything.”⠀⠀

Having a healthy relationship with fear does not consist of filling your day with more to-do’s. More to-dos that you take on simply to gain some external validation that will make you feel temporarily better about yourself. (Keyword: Temporarily.)⠀⠀

I believe in you, and I know that you are capable of doing so many great things. Creating a healthy relationship with fear is going to take effort and patience with yourself, but this is something you can do!

So, hit reply today and tell me….where are you allowing fear to hold you back?


Here’s to fully stepping into our power together,



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