Have you ever set a goal and were SO excited about the outcome? But then your schedule ends up looking something like this –

  • Week 1 – It’s a little hard but you’re confident about pushing through it
  • Week 2 – Life gets in the way and then you give up

So what happened here? How were you able to have an amazing thought that lit you up and yet you were able to drop it in just two weeks?

You know what most people say?

“I lost motivation.”

Let’s change this!

Let’s make a paradigm shift and instead of relying on pure motivation, let’s use your present day discomfort be what fuels your goal. 

For example, say you are unfulfilled at your job or in your business. Everyday you wake up and hit snooze because you dread the idea of going into the office. Really take a moment to lean into that feeling!

Those feelings likely –

  • Do not give you energy
  • Do not make you fulfilled
  • Do not fill you with joy

So now, ask yourself what would happen if you continued this every single day?

Or say you have chronic back pain. Maybe you’re not moving your body daily, not doing proper stretching or mobility work, and you’re not nourishing your body every day. If this path continues, you will likely –

  • Feel crappy
  • Lose the ability to do things in life
  • Potentially develop a chronic health condition because of the lack of movement

Now, use THAT as the motivation to start working out, eating healthy and nourishing your body! Do that instead of using this pie in the sky idea of “wouldn’t it be so great if I did x, y and z.”

It’s wonderful to journal about your goals but if you’re not reaching them, perhaps consider writing down what would happen if you don’t reach them and use that as the reason to get it done and make it happen.

This is just a different way of looking at things because realistically, most people’s primary driver is discomfort and pain because we don’t want to experience it!

Throughout my time as a nutritionist, I can tell you that the majority of the people who came to  me weren’t in great or optimal health. They came to me because they just experienced the pain of a recent diagnosis they received at the doctors office.

So the next time you have a goal that you really want to achieve, ask yourself – 

  1. What will happen if I do nothing?
  2. Who will I help if I do nothing?
  3. Who will I become if I do nothing?
  4. Who will I continue to be if I do nothing?
  5. How is my life going to feel if the pain or discomfort don’t go away? 

Email me at carmen@carmenohling.com if the first month of 2020 didn’t go as you had hoped! I’m here to support you and would love to go over any roadblocks that may be in your way.

Wishing you a ton of light and love,



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