4 Ways to Easily Boost Your Energy

4 Ways to Easily Boost Your Energy

We have all been there… those those days where we just feel our energy feels completely depleted.

As women, we are constantly juggling a million different things such as our family needs, children, work, and personal goals, so I understand why it’s easy to feel burnt out by 2:00pm. But I am here to tell you there is always something we can do to help our energy levels!

Here are some of my own quick tips that are natural and simple ways to heighten your energy and show up powerfully in your life.

  1. Get Moving
    Move, Move, Move! Get outside, take a WALK. There are several benefits to walking such as increasing your energy, but it also will allow you to increase muscle strength and endurance which will reduce body fat. So get outside and connect with nature!
  2. Drink Up!
    Well, drink water that is. A quick hit of 10-12 oz of water can make a huge difference! Often in today’s rushed society, we are dehydrated. Not having enough water impacts the flow of oxygen to the brain and causes your heart to work harder to pump oxygen to all your bodily organs making you more tired and less alert. So try keeping a bottle handy for when you feel like you’re slowing down.
  3. Sit Up
    Sit up straight in a chair, feet flat, shoulders down and pulled back. Take a deep breath in then exhale. Repeat this 3-5 times. Many of us naturally breathe very shallowly, especially when stressed- taking a few deep breaths will invigorate you!
  4. Dress Up
    Feeling down over a period of several days? It’s been shown that people feel the way the act. So instead of reaching for clothes that you know you could easily take a nap in, take a shot at wearing something bold and bright as the energy you’re hoping to radiate!

I hope these tips can help you give you that burst of energy you need to own your day! If you’ve been following my content, you know that I am a huge advocate of protecting your energy. My wish for you is that you will discover, protect and radiate the most amazing and beautiful light that already lives inside of you! If you need any help with that at all, email me at carmen@carmenohling.com so we can get you on the path to having endless energy.

Wishing you a ton of light and love,


Living a Life That Excites You

Living a Life That Excites You

Have you read or seen the interview on YouTube about Kim Kardashian pursuing a career as a lawyer? I know not everyone may be her fan, but you can’t neglect the work she is putting in when it comes to wanting to be and do more. It is awesome to see her being unapologetic about who she is and going after what she is being called to do. 

Here, as we see it a celebrity who has it all but feels she hasn’t truly fulfilled her life’s purpose. It is empowering to know that our soul will always crave more and that we are all capable of achieving all that we desire.

We all have those few things that not only excite us about life but ultimately give us life. Those things that allow us to vibrate on a higher level making us contagious to those around us, so contagious they want to know what we are doing so they can feel the way we do!

 Here are some things that excite me in life:⠀

  • Doing what I know I am called to do which is empowering women to become obsessed with their own lives⠀
  •  Living simply, with love, kindness & freedom ⠀
  • Taking the steps to reach my dreams and live my best life, unapologetically and on my own terms ⠀
  • Empowering myself to fully shine every day, which empowers other women to step into their power and fully shine. And then, the BEST part, magically the ripple effect of those gorgeous women empowering the amazing women in their lives. ⠀

Ask yourself right now, what truly excites you? If you have a hard time answering that question then try answering, what are the most important things in your life?

It is time you pursue something you love that is purposeful and authentic.

It is okay to sit down and think about your future, set goals, and visualize what you want your path to look like. Your future and the path you visualize must resonate with your heart and not someone else’s version of success or happiness. Your life, your success, and your happiness are all in your hands.

After you figure out what excites you, see how you can make it your reality. Remember from my last blog, you don’t need to have all the knowledge on how to make this happen. Simply taking any action – regardless of how messy that might be – is the first step. 

Is more romance in your marriage exciting to you? Maybe finally putting that date night you’ve been wanting on your calendar is the first step. 

Is getting a certificate or degree in an interesting area of study exciting to you? Perhaps researching a few top or local programs for your area of study and reaching out to get more information from admissions is something you can do.

Is the idea of having a circle of like-minded women you can count on exciting to you? Maybe going to women-centered work out classes or book clubs is the way you can start connecting with them.

Whatever it is – take action. Because here is the thing about pursuing things that excite you… your whole life starts to change. 

You might notice that it’s easier for you to jump out of bed in the morning because you have things to look forward to. Your mindset may be more positive because of the confidence you’ll gain from actively creating a life you love. You will feel stronger and more powerful because you know you’re the one in control of your own life! 

I am so excited for you to begin your journey of what excites you and gives you life. If this blog resonated with you, email me at carmen@carmenohling.com and let me know what action you’re taking to create excitement around you. Also remember, I am always here to help so if you need some ideas on how to move forward, shoot me an email as well.

Sending you a ton of love and light today,


Taking Action to Achieve Your Goals

Taking Action to Achieve Your Goals

If we’re being really honest here, the fact is that most people know – 

  1. What foods are nourishing to their body.⠀
  2. That they should practice daily movement.⠀
  3. That they are super overwhelmed and should reduce stress.⠀
  4. They numb out with food and alcohol and this is an issue.⠀
  5. They should save more and spend less money.⠀
  6. Know what they need to do to reach their goals.⠀

The list goes on and on…..⠀

The biggest problem that prevents people from meeting their goals, and pretty much the real cause of their daily suffering, is that they are not able (or willing) to take action on what they know. Or, perhaps they do take some sort of action, but it’s an action that is a non-essential one and is not going to actually help them move forward. Here’s a classic example…

Have you ever decided you wanted to start a workout regimen? You might have gotten this big wave of inspiration and felt like you were really ready to stick it this time so the first thing you do is… buy a new workout outfit. Then, that outfit maybe sees itself through one or two workouts before getting tucked to the back of your closet. Does this sound familiar? For many, it does! Dishing out money in order to feel like we’re making progress is the easy part. Sticking to workouts that leave you drenched in sweat and out of breath, not so much.

There could be many reasons why the example above fell through though. Maybe being at the gym surrounded by people who look like they know what their doing while you fumble your way through a few machines is intimidating. But that still doesn’t change the fact that you know you should be putting in the work.

Maybe you’re going through a period of burnout at work and you know you should try to take a day off or not work late into the night, but the thought of letting go or missing an important email is stressful! But that still doesn’t change the fact that you know you won’t be able to maintain that workload forever. 

We all know what we need to do, but we procrastinate, make excuses and let our fear of failure and judgment cripple our action.⠀

Enough is enough.

Simply knowing is not enough.

You must take action in order to get to where you want to be in life. So tell me, what are you going to choose? What is your next step?⠀

Not sure where to start? Feel free to send me an email at carmen@carmenohling.com and I will personally help you develop your first step!⠀

Sending you a ton of light and love,


Building The Perfect Morning Routine

Building The Perfect Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine? I get so many questions about my morning routine and the biggest challenge that I get from most people is time…..⠀

I am calling BS on that old-time excuse.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, it all comes down to how you prioritize your time and protect your energy. Yes, I said Protect Your Energy! The more energy you have in a day, the better you feel, the bigger you can show up and the more you can accomplish.

My own morning routine consists of –

  • Waking up and drinking a full glass of warm lemon water
  • Spending time reading
  • Spending time journaling
  • Meditating
  • Moving

Why these four things?
It allows me to set my intentions for the day, start the day aligned with my highest self, prepare my body for nourishing foods and movement and gives me energy! Building your own personal morning routine can do the same for you.

It Might Be the Big Secret
If you currently don’t have a morning routine, I encourage you to give it a try. Morning routines just might be the secret to having an incredible day and the amazing thing about them is that they are extremely personal. Here’s how you can get started –

Pick 1 habit and start it tomorrow. You can add more in later, remove the ones that you aren’t loving and you can swap them out from time to time. This initial list does not have to be permanent!

Here are a few that you can try out – pick any that resonate with you –

  • Drinking a cup of coffee or tea
  • Practice yoga
  • Meditate
  • Take a hot or cold shower
  • Go for a walk or a run
  • Visualize your day
  • Write/say your affirmations
  • Read
  • Journal
  • Practice gratitude
  • Deep breathing
  • Stretching or walking
  • Getting outside for a quick hit of Vitamin D!

If You Aren’t a Fan of Mornings
Some of you may be thinking that you hate mornings and are convinced that will never change. But here’s what I’ll tell you – from my own experience and that of many people I know who have chosen to have a morning routine as well – you can do anything you want, regardless of what you believe to be true of yourself.

Building a morning routine all starts with your mindset. It begins with making a conscious decision that you want to start having a freaking incredible day, that you want to be happier and healthier, that you want to be more productive and feel in control of your day. With that commitment, you can overcome the “I’m not a morning person” belief that you have been telling yourself for years.

With this practice, you’re on your way to learning that when you are in control of your mindset, you will become even more obsessed with your own dream life!

Ready to start?

I can’t wait to hear how your morning routine goes. Whether you’ve had one for years or are starting one tomorrow, I’d love to hear how you’ve built yours. And as always, if you need any help, feel free to reach out to me at carmen@carmenohling.com.

Here’s to a freaking awesome morning tomorrow and an even better day!


Guide To Stabilizing Your Hunger

Guide To Stabilizing Your Hunger

I do not find it fair to ask if you have struggled to stabilize your hunger because the truth is we all have at some point in our lives.  The real question is, what are you doing to create those hunger cravings and what have you done to satisfy those cravings?

Below are some feelings that have probably crossed your mind:

  • I am hungry but have no idea what the ”right” thing is to eat!⠀
  • If I eat another boring, flavorless meal I’m going to explode!⠀
  • I do great during the day with eating healthy foods, but when night time comes, I eat whatever I can get my hands on- healthy or not. 
  • I wish there was an easier way to eat healthily, lose weight and break free from food that makes me feel like shit.

Stop right here and let me tell you, I FEEL YOU! ⠀

And you know what? So do a ton of other women just like you!

Look at the list below.  What resonates most with you?  What steps can you take to break these patterns?  Keep reading below for my tips… 

  1. STRESS – You will make the worst food decisions when you are stressed because you will reach for “comfort food.” 
  2. BOREDOM – Simply reaching for food to pass the time even when you are not hungry. 
  3. LACK OF SLEEP –  Find the sweet spot when it comes to the amount of sleep your body needs to perform. Personally, this is where I have struggled in the past.⠀
  4. CUTTING FOOD GROUPS (without medical necessity)  – Cutting food groups will lead to binge eating. Try not to do this! For example, if you are a sweets person, why would you take sweets from yourself? If you like chocolate, have a square now and then, shoot have one daily. Why? Because this will help keep you from having a whole bag of chocolate at the end of the week. It is important to eat the things you enjoy in moderation, this will lead to a healthier relationship with food. ⠀

Use my “make your plate” guide to be sure you have the following at each of your meals:

  • Greens/Fiber (aka veggies- 2-4 cups) 
  • Quality protein (3-6oz)
  • Healthy fats (1-2 tbsp) at each meal 

This magic combo will help fill your stomach, keep you full longer, and minimize your cravings.  If you focus on nourishing your body at each meal and stop the “eat less” mentality, you will find that it will be easier to finally be able to be free from food! If there are any other food challenges you are struggling with or have a question about certain food groups etc., reach out! Send me an email at carmen@carmenohling.com or find me on Instagram @carmenohling. Lastly, don’t be hard on yourself. This is a learning process for all of us (even me) and I am here to help you!


Keeping Your Personal Commitments

Keeping Your Personal Commitments

Starting today, I encourage you to keep your commitments that you have set for yourself.

What does this mean?

It means scheduling the time and doing the things that excite you and make you so damn proud of yourself. The commitments that you make for yourself may challenge you to get to that next level of personal growth or simply spark you to do something you have been wanting to do. Your personal commitments may look something like this:

* Setting a budget to achieve financial freedom
* Going to the gym 3 days a week
* Taking a leap of faith and starting your own business
* Taking a moment to self pamper and spend a few hours at the spa getting your glam on

It is SO important you make these commitments not only with yourself but for yourself. Often times, people feel guilty about taking the time to pursue things that are only for themselves because they feel selfish and aren’t sure if it will benefit other people. But here is the thing… Going after your own goals will become the driver of your day and will keep you on track with your own needs and happiness. And guess what? Listen up! The happier you are the better you are at being able to take care of your family’s needs, work needs, and everything else around you.

Let’s talk about what this feels like…⠀

When you actually keep your commitments to yourself on a daily basis, you will feel like one powerful woman, and you are! Being able to plan and successfully meet your mini goals during the day will build momentum in your life- leading to finally meeting your goals! SO, SET THEM & ACHIEVE THEM!

Is there something stopping you from being able to set your personal commitments?

No problem! Let’s dig deep within and look at the things you’re ignoring, look at the ways you are numbing out and self-sabotaging. Are you –
* Spending your evenings mindlessly watching television because you feel like it’s an escape?
* Ignoring warning signs that you need a break?
* Spending time reinventing the wheel?
* Deferring decision making to other people to avoid personal responsibility?

As you go through this mental check of what has been holding you back remember to be kind to yourself because feeling blocked generally occurs during times of stress, anxiety, and being overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and remember your feelings are valid! Being stressed and overwhelmed makes you 100% human.

What steps can you take today to stop numbing, to stop self-sabotaging, and stop giving up on yourself?

Start by being transparent with yourself and begin confronting all that is holding you back so you can press forward. Remember, you are an incredible woman who is capable of anything. I believe in you! You can and will hit this next level of personal growth as you stay true to your commitments.

Take it day by day. Start with a small list of personal commitments if needed to build your confidence. After you begin getting the hang of living for you again you will begin to radiate full self-love.

Make a commitment to start today. ⠀

I have several specific tips and tricks up my sleeve and would love to shed some light on you. If you need more insight or a little extra push to get there I am here for you. Reach out to me, I want to get to know you!

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