Starting today, I encourage you to keep your commitments that you have set for yourself.

What does this mean?

It means scheduling the time and doing the things that excite you and make you so damn proud of yourself. The commitments that you make for yourself may challenge you to get to that next level of personal growth or simply spark you to do something you have been wanting to do. Your personal commitments may look something like this:

* Setting a budget to achieve financial freedom
* Going to the gym 3 days a week
* Taking a leap of faith and starting your own business
* Taking a moment to self pamper and spend a few hours at the spa getting your glam on

It is SO important you make these commitments not only with yourself but for yourself. Often times, people feel guilty about taking the time to pursue things that are only for themselves because they feel selfish and aren’t sure if it will benefit other people. But here is the thing… Going after your own goals will become the driver of your day and will keep you on track with your own needs and happiness. And guess what? Listen up! The happier you are the better you are at being able to take care of your family’s needs, work needs, and everything else around you.

Let’s talk about what this feels like…⠀

When you actually keep your commitments to yourself on a daily basis, you will feel like one powerful woman, and you are! Being able to plan and successfully meet your mini goals during the day will build momentum in your life- leading to finally meeting your goals! SO, SET THEM & ACHIEVE THEM!

Is there something stopping you from being able to set your personal commitments?

No problem! Let’s dig deep within and look at the things you’re ignoring, look at the ways you are numbing out and self-sabotaging. Are you –
* Spending your evenings mindlessly watching television because you feel like it’s an escape?
* Ignoring warning signs that you need a break?
* Spending time reinventing the wheel?
* Deferring decision making to other people to avoid personal responsibility?

As you go through this mental check of what has been holding you back remember to be kind to yourself because feeling blocked generally occurs during times of stress, anxiety, and being overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and remember your feelings are valid! Being stressed and overwhelmed makes you 100% human.

What steps can you take today to stop numbing, to stop self-sabotaging, and stop giving up on yourself?

Start by being transparent with yourself and begin confronting all that is holding you back so you can press forward. Remember, you are an incredible woman who is capable of anything. I believe in you! You can and will hit this next level of personal growth as you stay true to your commitments.

Take it day by day. Start with a small list of personal commitments if needed to build your confidence. After you begin getting the hang of living for you again you will begin to radiate full self-love.

Make a commitment to start today. ⠀

I have several specific tips and tricks up my sleeve and would love to shed some light on you. If you need more insight or a little extra push to get there I am here for you. Reach out to me, I want to get to know you!


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