Have you read or seen the interview on YouTube about Kim Kardashian pursuing a career as a lawyer? I know not everyone may be her fan, but you can’t neglect the work she is putting in when it comes to wanting to be and do more. It is awesome to see her being unapologetic about who she is and going after what she is being called to do. 

Here, as we see it a celebrity who has it all but feels she hasn’t truly fulfilled her life’s purpose. It is empowering to know that our soul will always crave more and that we are all capable of achieving all that we desire.

We all have those few things that not only excite us about life but ultimately give us life. Those things that allow us to vibrate on a higher level making us contagious to those around us, so contagious they want to know what we are doing so they can feel the way we do!

 Here are some things that excite me in life:⠀

  • Doing what I know I am called to do which is empowering women to become obsessed with their own lives⠀
  •  Living simply, with love, kindness & freedom ⠀
  • Taking the steps to reach my dreams and live my best life, unapologetically and on my own terms ⠀
  • Empowering myself to fully shine every day, which empowers other women to step into their power and fully shine. And then, the BEST part, magically the ripple effect of those gorgeous women empowering the amazing women in their lives. ⠀

Ask yourself right now, what truly excites you? If you have a hard time answering that question then try answering, what are the most important things in your life?

It is time you pursue something you love that is purposeful and authentic.

It is okay to sit down and think about your future, set goals, and visualize what you want your path to look like. Your future and the path you visualize must resonate with your heart and not someone else’s version of success or happiness. Your life, your success, and your happiness are all in your hands.

After you figure out what excites you, see how you can make it your reality. Remember from my last blog, you don’t need to have all the knowledge on how to make this happen. Simply taking any action – regardless of how messy that might be – is the first step. 

Is more romance in your marriage exciting to you? Maybe finally putting that date night you’ve been wanting on your calendar is the first step. 

Is getting a certificate or degree in an interesting area of study exciting to you? Perhaps researching a few top or local programs for your area of study and reaching out to get more information from admissions is something you can do.

Is the idea of having a circle of like-minded women you can count on exciting to you? Maybe going to women-centered work out classes or book clubs is the way you can start connecting with them.

Whatever it is – take action. Because here is the thing about pursuing things that excite you… your whole life starts to change. 

You might notice that it’s easier for you to jump out of bed in the morning because you have things to look forward to. Your mindset may be more positive because of the confidence you’ll gain from actively creating a life you love. You will feel stronger and more powerful because you know you’re the one in control of your own life! 

I am so excited for you to begin your journey of what excites you and gives you life. If this blog resonated with you, email me at carmen@carmenohling.com and let me know what action you’re taking to create excitement around you. Also remember, I am always here to help so if you need some ideas on how to move forward, shoot me an email as well.

Sending you a ton of love and light today,



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