This Week I am Manifesting One of My Dreams!

Back in 2018 I put a picture of the ocean and beach on my vision board, and I wrote in my journal:

“I wake up more days than not during each year next to the beach.”

Where?  When?  How?  I could not answer those questions, but I could feel my soul calling me to the water, to the earth, to the sun.  I am sharing this with you because often we give up on our dreams and desires because we don’t know the “exact plan” to get there. We are unable to control all the details, so we tell ourselves that it was not meant to be…

In 2020, I began to declare that Joal and I were going to move to Tulum, Mexico, and live there 6 months out of the year.  Keep this in mind- we had never been to Tulum, or do we know anyone that lives there or much about the area in general.  However, the Universe kept serving me up synchronicity after synchronicity and sign after sign about Tulum.  The next best step to get closer to this dream was to book a trip.  We booked a weeklong trip to Tulum to fully immerse ourselves in the city and the culture and to celebrate my 40th birthday.  The trip was set for January 2021….

Enter the Worldwide Pandemic that continued from 2020, and our trip was postponed.  So what do you do when your soul is saying beach but the world is saying “stay safe, stay home?”  You google search: warmest beach in the United States in January.  Google told me this, which is so true and a place that Joal and I now call home: Miami Beach, FL.


We returned from our trip in January 2021 to celebrate my birthday and wake up next to the beach and Joal and I was sitting on the couch at home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  He says, “I think Miami is your beach!” Fuck yes it is!  He didn’t have to tell me twice!  And, just like that, my manifestation of waking up next to the beach came to life and we moved on February 22, 2021, from Colorado to Miami Beach.

But wait… there’s more!  As I write this we are currently on that trip to Tulum.  We are staying the week at Holistika Tulum and fully immersing ourselves in the culture and energy of this magical city.  Will we move here and live 6 months out of the year, I am not sure but I am sure that I am open and willing for that to be possible!

The new dream: Buy an investment property Joal and I can live in ½ of the year and rent out the other ½ of the year…. Of course, near the beach!

Stay tuned for updates on that dream and about our experiences here in Tulum!

Happy Manifesting,



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