This week Joal and I completed the 21-Day Daniel Fast, which began on my 43rd birthday on January 4th.  If you’re not familiar with the Daniel Fast, no it’s not about losing weight for the new year, it’s about giving something up to grow in your spiritual maturity.  In our case we focused on giving up animal protein, coffee, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, and basically anything that was not water or grown from the earth.  So, in essence, we were eating vegan with zero white flour or sugar or processed food. 

Ultimately, Daniel Fast is about making space for God to do his work in your life.  I was interested to find out how much I was attached to certain rituals with food or ways of eating!  Before you tell yourself, “That sounds horrible!” keep reading as I share with you some of the supernatural breakthroughs we’ve experienced and other key takeaways that you can use in your life…

The first four days were rough, I had a headache each day and my body ached.  This was the interesting part for me because I am an overall super healthy person; I eat good, workout, and practice mindfulness each day.  Logistically, the biggest thing I was giving up was coffee and animal protein, because I already follow a gluten, dairy, soy, and refined sugar free way of living.  Prior to the fast on any typical day, I would drink 2-3 cups of coffee (okay sometimes 4- maybe there’s a problem here) and eat 130-150g of protein each day.  On the Daniel Fast I was eating around 50g of protein each day and only drinking water.  As I reflected on this early time in the fast, this is where most people would give up and tell themselves it’s too hard or for some reason count themselves out and go back to what is comfortable. Here’s what I know about comfort friends… it drains your enthusiasm, it keeps you in low vibrational thought patterns, and it kills your calling.  Joal and I both knew that if we stuck it out and stayed in the work with daily prayer and worship, God would bring us through- and he did! Our “why” was so much bigger than our feelings at any given moment.  Our daily prayer was: “Less of me and more of you.”

On day 8 of our fast, we found that Transformation Church was doing a corporate prayer and fasting daily that we could join live on YouTube each night.  Our new nightly routine was that we’d make dinner and join in their worship versus our typical routine of watching TV.  We’d also reflect daily on our top 3 wins, 3 gratitudes, and give thanks for the blessing and miracles God brought us through the day.  I’ll tell you what, there were days that my ego self would try to sneak in and tell me I was too tired to pray and worship and I would have to bring myself very intentionally to be fully present with the service each night. It was also such a huge support that Joal and I were doing this together so even when I “didn’t feel like it” he would encourage me!

The final day of our fast we flew across the country to surprise a few of our family and friends with an “after holiday” visit, which was the perfect way to end the experience.  Joal and I have completed the Daniel Fast one other time together, back in 2021 and that’s when we received the fresh revelation about moving to Miami Beach- and we moved the very next month!  When you create space for God (Spirit, Source, the Universe whatever you call it) and are consistent with your daily prayer and meditation practices he works fast!

There were so many miracles, lessons, and blessings during this fast, and a few of them we’ll keep to ourselves, but below is a list that I’d love to share with you today…

1. God revealed to me that there were times in my life when my intentions were not as pure as they could be, and he wanted me to check in with my heart.  My deep desire is always to have pure intentions, but I had to admit that there were times that I expected something in return or felt as though I deserved something that clouded this pure intention.  I’ve raised my awareness around this, and I believe we all can.

2. God connected me with the Florida Speakers Association, a group of highly motivated, gifted, and giving speaking professionals as a way to strengthen my strengths (a key message from TC at a nightly prayer early in the fast.)  Plus, I am getting even more uncomfortable and signing up for a storytelling contest!

3. One night after service, I asked Joal, “What’s in Tulsa?” – he didn’t know and neither did I but the one thing we did know is that is where Transformation Church is located. The next day I received the nudge to start speaking once a month as a way to give back to groups, schools, and the community as a whole.  This was an exciting revelation for me!  The following week I had a meeting with a new connection that came to me after someone saw me speak in Idaho last year.  The connection was with Bri Seeley and we hit it off right away.  Then, at the end of our conversation she said, “One of the reasons I wanted to connect with you was that I host an annual non-profit event here in Tulsa and I would be honored to have you as one of our keynote speakers!”  WHAT?!?!?  Of course, that happened, thank you – more please!

4. After the first 4 days, I felt so alive and energetic.  Waking up each day with the anticipation of what God was doing in our life was so electrifying! And, even though we were eating way less than “normal” God was sustaining our strength and endurance to do our daily walks, workouts, work, and more!

5. Lastly, if you’ve not done something meaningful with your significant other in a while or ever- I encourage you, now is the time.  This experience not only shifted something in each of us individually but our love, depth of communication, and ability to dream as a couple was expanded to the next level.

If you haven’t had a takeaway yet, below are a few key messages I wrote about, and I am sure that there is something here for you…

  • Examine what you are consuming.  I am not meant to “do it” like everyone else.
  • Hope is a happy anticipation that something good is going to happen to you.
  • Say it from the heart, not the head.
  • Study it, be in it, teach it, speak it, and simplify it all.
  • Optimize everything for maximum impact.
  • I have to be challenged to receive spiritual maturity.  Allow the friction to sharpen your spiritual edge.
  • This fast is a short season of sacrifice that produces long term success.
  • In 2024 I declare there is way less: hiding my wisdom, getting lost in the details, feeling guilty for taking time alone, downplaying my significance, and seeking approval of others. 
  • What would my prayers sound like if they were fiery, gutsy, intimate, and real?
  • It’s all coming.  Wait and see.  You will be in awe.  No matter what is happening around you or what anyone else is doing – keep going.
  • My vision from God is necessary because there are lives attached to my life and the vision.  I am essential.  
  • I will prepare and position myself with patience and excellence for what I pray for because I know that God is expanding my capacity and giving me the wisdom and understanding to hold what he is about to bless me with so that I may be a magnificent reflection of him to bless the world. 
  • Even when there is a gift given, if you don’t feel like you deserve it, you can’t receive it.
  • Joy is my birthright, simply open to the door to allow access to it. LET THE JOY IN!
  • We are all devoted to something.  What are you devoted to? Does it align with your vision for your life? 


Thank you for taking the time to read this blog today.  My hope and prayer is that you were able to experience a miracle by reading this.  A Course In Miracles defines a miracle simply as a shift in your perception.  


Have a blessed week,



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