Proof Manifesting Works!

It’s almost hard to explain how big of a dream this was for me and what it meant to me.  I actually just received the calling on my heart to give $1,111 each month back in November.  I redid my vision board at the end of December and placed this number on the board, $1,111.  I began to look at it each day, to declare it done in written form in my journal, and to feel the excitement and inspiration in my body when I visualized giving in this way. Can I tell you how absolutely insane and exciting it feels that it is spreading so quickly!  And, not only is it spreading for me and manifesting my dreams but there is also a ripple effect for others around me.  By the end of this month (January, the first month of the year) I will have manifested this dream.  Let me share with you how it went down…

No, I didn’t just write one big fat check in the amount of $1,111, and besides that do you even own checks or write them, I sure don’t!  LOL!  At the very beginning of the month, I had been praying and meditating on guidance around a business mastermind and a couple of retreats for Joal and I.  These two experiences are considerable expenses, with of course a large value but the question was- this the right time for us and for my business?  And, then God spoke to me. First, you need to give.  You need to bless someone else with an opportunity for growth. Then, the right answer will come to you. For the last month, I had been planning on doing a post about this bracelet that was given to me by Jaime Kern Lima at Rachel Luna’s event, Confidence Activated in November. In fact, not only did she give me a bracelet, but also a signed copy of her book, and all the other women present also received the same! This is where the initial inspiration for my giving on my vision board was birthed.

So, I thought, let’s post a pic of the bracelet and give my signed copy of her book away.  I already had a copy and read it- love it, by the way, I highly recommend it!  As I was typing the post I heard: “Give bigger, give more.”  I was so moved by this I added a fully paid ticket to Rachel’s next Confidence Activated event in October of 2022.  Almost immediately Rachel sent me a voice note that said: Thank you, thank you, Carmen!  A few weeks ago, I wrote in my journal that female influencers would buy tickets and give them away, and today it came true with your post!  Talk about mic drop at this moment- not only is my dream coming to life but the ripple effect allowed for one of Rachel’s to manifest as well.

My giving this month $1,111:

  • Tithing
  • Giving cash on the street
  • Ticket to Confidence Activated
  • Donations to families in need that are going through challenges via GoFundMe

The one thing I hope you take from this story is to give yourself permission to dream your BIGGEST, WILDEST dreams… and then get to work understanding how to use your energy to manifest them!

Because they do come true.

Here’s to manifesting in abundance in your life,



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