Live Coaching Recap: Journaling

Welcome! This week on Instagram as part of my live coaching series, we talked all about morning rituals. If you missed it, I shared that my personal morning ritual is made up of several pieces, but the one that has had the most impact on me is journaling. I truly believe that journaling increases mindfulness, your ability to stay present and boosts self-awareness which are all things that can help you lead a very fulfilled life.

If we were to rewind back to when I first started journaling, you’d find me sitting down in the morning and staring at a blank piece of paper with no clue what to write. However, as I stuck to it, I found that I was able to prompt myself better and better (aka ask myself better questions). Then, I was able to create better responses which ultimately led to me having a clearer understanding of what I love and what I’m after in life.

If you’re thinking of starting a journaling practice, here are four prompts for you to start with! If you missed the live coaching this week, click directly on the prompts to watch the recordings.

4 Journaling Prompts for Starters

  1. How do you want to feel and what will help you feel this way?
    Jotting down how you want to feel helps you stay focused on the life that you want. Keeping that top of mind will help you make conscientious decisions to ensure you get there! The follow-up question of “what will help you feel this way?” is where the rubber hits to the road. This prompts you to think of actionable steps you can take to create the life you want. For example, if you want to feel calm and relaxed in the mornings, you can think of ways to build your day around that goal, rather than waking up and immediately hopping on the treadmill of life.
  2. List 3 things that you are grateful for.
    This does not have to be something big, fancy and profound! For example, yes, you can be grateful for your marriage or a big promotion. However, you can also be grateful for warm coffee in the morning or having one hour of free time.
  3. What are you proud of yourself for?
    Often times as busy and ambitious women, we have many goals! Once we accomplish a goal, we immediately move on the next without acknowledging the work and commitment it took for us to complete the first one. Use this prompt to pause and acknowledge the things you’ve done – however big or small you think it might be!
  4. Write down 3 positive affirmations. 
    Affirmations have the power to be a guiding light throughout your day! Want my go-to list of affirmations? Please send me a message and I’ll personally send it over to you! You can also read my actual journal entries, by clicking here.

If you have any more questions at all about journaling, do not hesitate to reach out to me so that I can help. I’m so excited for you to start this practice and see what it reveals for you.

Sending you a ton of light and love,


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