Detox? Do Juice Cleanses Really Work? Find out NOW!

Do Juice Cleanses Really Work? Find out NOW! (The Juice Experiment- Body Detox)

It’s Monday, so why not start a juice cleanse?  Well, that is just what I did!  I’ve never been one for gimmicky diets, quick fixes or had any real reason to want to detox my system.  So, when I heard about a new business in Albany that was offering cold-pressed juices with fresh, organic ingredients I passed at first.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a fresh pressed juice, but I didn’t think I wanted to try the cleanse.   I kept hearing more and more about that juice cleanse and I figured I would go ahead and try it so I can chat with my clients about the experience! I began The Juice Experiment on Monday, November 27th and ending it on Wednesday November 29th.

Here’s a video of my experience:

Below are my thoughts….

What to do before the juice cleanse:

  1. Know your why! Don’t just start without setting your intention for the cleanse.  What do you want to accomplish, what do you want to learn, etc.
  2. Adjust your schedule! I would recommend cutting back on commitments and get-togethers, also scale back any intense workouts and add in self-care options like: massage, sauna and dry brushing.
  3. Don’t be a weekend warrior prior to the cleanse. What I mean is don’t fall into the “last supper” mentality where you eat everything in sight prior to starting the cleanse.  You will be putting so much stress on your body by eating all that shitty food, then shocking it again when you begin the juice cleanse.  I recommend eating a well-balanced diet prior to beginning.
  4. Buy a journal so you can document your experience, plus pick up some herbal tea and lemons so you can have some warm liquids during the cleanse.


What to do during the juice cleanse:

  1. Journal everyday and check in with yourself often. Use this time to reconnect with your body and how you feel and think about food.  I found that my hunger and cravings were different that I had expected and that I might even be overeating on a normal basis (even though it is healthy food!)
  2. Move your body daily, but reduce high intensity exercise. I recommend walking, yoga, stretching and foam rolling.  I tried to do it all during my experience (weight training, handstand practice, cardio, HIIT) and my performance suffered for sure!
  3. Give up caffeine. Heck, if you’re going to go for it just do it all.  I didn’t really miss it.
  4. Know that your body will feel different, just experience what you experience. I found that I had a dull headache most days but is was manageable.  It is just part of the process.
  5. 50% of your body is water and it is essential to all body processes. During the cleanse I chose to drink alkaline water to reduce the acidity in my body.  The normal pH of blood is 7.4 and most regular water is less than this, in addition the standard American diet is highly acidic as well.  Bringing the pH balance of your body during the cleanse can also be helpful.  I recommend Essentia water or Trader Joes has a pretty good pH balanced water as well.  If you have any kidney issues, I do not recommend alkaline water as it can build up and cause issues in your body.
  6. Add some raw veggies as needed to provide a little roughage in your intestine. For me, day #3 brought very loose stool so I added two servings of veggies on the third day to help.


What to do after the juice cleanse:

  1. Start back eating solid food with plant based meals and add animal protein slowly. Animal protein is more acidic, and it takes the body a little more to break it down.  Fill your plate with veggies to begin!
  2. Continue your journaling process. Journaling is a healthy habit that I do each day and it really helps me connect with myself and stay aligned in my daily intentions.
  3. Start incorporating new, nourishing foods and recipes into your weekly routine. Meal prep should be your best friend if you want to set and keep meeting your new health goals.  If you need meal prep ideas, check out this program it’s simple, delicious and affordable: 28-Day Clean Eating Program!

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the juice cleanse.  While a juice cleanse is not absolutely necessary to live and enjoy a nourishing, real food based diet, it can be an amazing way to connect your mind and body around food.  May people cannot distinguish the different between true hunger and cravings.  If you follow my recommendations above you can get so much more out of the juice cleanse other than just drinking great tasting juice for three days.  If you’re not ready for the cleanse, stop by Bodhi Artisan Bakery and pick up one of the cold pressed juices when they open in January 2018- you’ll love it!

Do you have any questions about the juice cleanse?  The next cleanse with Bodhi begins on January 1, 2018.  Hit me up and I can send you the details! My email is

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