Growing up, when my Dad would show me how to do something it took FOREVER!

Can you relate?

It seemed so gruelingly long to work on a project with him or learn something from him because of the planning and preparation he took in advance of doing the work. When we finally did the work, it was done with so much care and precision it took way longer than I had anticipated. As a kid, I was ready to get to the next thing, most likely playing football in the street with the neighborhood kids or reading my book. I wanted a shortcut to Dad’s projects..

Do you take shortcuts?
Do you actively look for ways to do everything quicker?
What are you missing out on by taking shortcuts in your life?

Society has taught us that everything should be fast, fun, and easy and if it’s not well then, it’s not for us. If you’ve ever given up too easily or counted yourself out, I am sure that you can relate. I am like the millions of others who believed this narrative for years, always rushing through my life to get as much done as possible to get to the next thing that I would then rush through as well.

The truth that was finally revealed to me was this: If you take shortcuts, you get cut short in life. That was like a bomb dropping on me. In my effort to always save time, I was condensing time. I wasn’t making more time or expanding time by taking shortcuts, I was minimizing it. At what cost and for what benefit? The costs were significant, let me name a few:

  • Decreased relationships or inability to build quality relationships due to my lack of time, intention, and presence.
  • Missing out on seeing the beauty and wonder of our daily life. What did the trees look like when they were blooming in the Spring? How did the snowfall glisten in the sunshine? What did the birds sound like when they first began to sing when the sun rose in the morning? What did the kids’ imaginations sound like when they were playing and laughing quietly?
  • Not reaching our full potential. To become a master at any discipline it takes time, it takes reps, it takes the long route- no shortcuts.
  • We miss being the storyteller of our lives because we are so busy rushing around we forget we are the main character. It’s like reading the cliff notes version of your all-time favorite novel; you’d miss all the good stuff.

Growing up, when my Dad had me hold the boards to build the fence, but I wasn’t able to use the hammer and drive the nails in, maybe there was a purpose. Maybe he was preparing me for the next project, giving me a job that I could accomplish and be part of the work. Teaching me how to have patience, how to plan and prepare so that the work that I do is precise. No shortcuts, and I would be able to fully experience the pride and celebration of a job well done every time. Looking back I am grateful for these experiences with my Dad. He’s a true testament to living an unrushed life that he enjoys without the shortcuts.

This week, identify one shortcut you’ve been taking that is no longer serving you well, and make a commitment to change it. I think we can all make a commitment to this, because I know for myself, I don’t want to be short changed on the wonders that life has for me. I don’t believe that’s what you want either, so this week identify one shortcut and make a commitment to eliminate it.


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