We tell ourselves that there are many things that you HAVE to do each day.
You have to work hard and give it your all, even when you don’t feel like it.
What we don’t talk about are the things that are the most precious, that we push to the side and consider them disposable….
👉 The way you care for your mental health.
👉 The way you navigate and heal your emotional health.
👉 The way you attune and develop your spiritual health.
👉 The way you maintain your physical health.
👉 The way you foster your relationship heath.
These are the things that matter the most.
🚫 Let’s stop normalizing only paying attention to work, career, money, and the needs of others.
Because if we don’t take a holistic approach to our lives the most precious gifts will suffer.
⚠️ Paying attention to the precious aspects of your life to nurture your mind, body, and spirit is the definition of taking a holistic approach to your life and allows you to grow and thrive.
❣️ We’ll dive into this topic and more in my next Live Workshop this Sunday.
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