I’m writing this letter to you in real-time. 👇

✍️ It’s Thursday, July 6 at 6:54 PM, and I’m sitting in Flamingo Park in Miami Beach, and I am reflecting on my day, and I want to share it with you because I’m hoping you can find yourself in my story, and use it as a gift the next time you feel the way I felt today.

From the moment I woke up, my thoughts were projecting into the future, and not in the expansive visioning kind of way!

They sounded more like this.. What was my business revenue going to be this summer? Will I have enough cash flow to make the employee investments that I need to make? Geez, I feel so stiff, my body is tired, am I getting sick? Maybe I need to take the day off? Am I making the wrong decision by putting so much pressure on myself this month? Maybe I don’t need to challenge myself physically?

So knowing that these thoughts were not my truth, I proceeded to start my morning rituals. Yet, I couldn’t focus. I think I wrote three sentences in my journal and completely stopped. Joal played in his sound bowl, and I meditated and prayed.

Then I thought… Movement! Movement is what I needed, so I start it out of my God walk and then hit the gym. This helped, I was starting to feel a little aliveness in my body. So I decided to take a shower and get ready and put on a cute outfit that I felt really good in.

More thoughts of lack, scarcity…

So instead of trying to “fix” my thoughts or “figure” them out, I allowed the discomfort, in fact, I chose to welcome it and started my day.

The opportunity we each have daily is starting over. So, I started over. But, I’m not starting from scratch. I’m starting with more wisdom, more power, and way more spiritual anointing.

My ego began to take a backseat. The old tactics she used to keep me stuck and small are not longer working. I’m allowing, even inviting the discomfort and still taking action.

I anchored myself in the moment, in the discomfort. I allowed it, recognized it, and connected inward. I wasn’t going to work to fight back the old ways I used to fight back. I assumed a new position, a softening in my spirit, I went into a sacred mode vs. hustle mode.

I recognized that if I am going to step into the next assignment that God has for me, that I can’t attack this with the very thing I’ve been called to change and heal in the world.

This wasn’t an ordinary moment. This was a sacred moment. God is anchoring me and showing me how to transition.

This is not a falling apart, it’s a rebuilding, a revitalization. 

My ego, the enemy is scared. Rightfully so. I’m starting over, revitalizing, taking new territory.

As I heal, I heal the world. I’m okay with going first. Want to join me? 🙌


Here’s to starting over, but not starting from scratch 🙏💫💕


I love you,




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