I hope you had a blessed, connected, joyful holiday earlier this week. Joal and I were home in Miami Beach creating new traditions, exploring, and being in a state of gratitude for our lives- it was very peaceful and fun!
As we go into the New Year, I want to encourage you to continue to create space in your life. Without space life is difficult to fully experience. Without experiences we are left feeling uncertain and unfulfilled.  When we can love the world we live in, that’s when we can actually live in it! 
What are you choosing to step into for 2024?  
I am fully stepping into my significance as a natural leader and amplifier of gifts.
Here’s a quote I’d like for you to read and then sit with and discern for yourself, and I highly encourage journaling what comes up for you as well! 
“The way to live a full life is to act quickly.  Particularly as you grow older, it’s alarmingly easy to let a year or two (or five) slip by without doing the big things you always felt like doing. You get into a rhythm—not necessarily one you love, but one you become comfortable repeating—and the grooves of your daily routine become deeper and more established.
Speed is perpetually undervalued. That doesn’t mean you should feel frantic or rushed. In fact, it’s likely you should eliminate some of the things that make you feel so busy to make space for things you always wanted to do. But it definitely means you should stop letting the days drift by waiting for the moment to be right.
Stop acting like there is infinite time. This—the way you are living right now—is your one life.” – James Clear
Lastly, this year it’s not enough to know that you are enough.  I want you to know that you’ve always done the best you can with what you had.  I want you to know that you are amazing and unique, filled with gifts and strengths that at times you have forgotten.  
2024 is the time for you to remember!
You are being called forward.  We are all being calling forward to a newfound sense of energy and aliveness that illuminates the world.  No matter what you’re feeling right now, know that this is true.
I see you.  I believe in you.  You are not alone.  You are fully supported and loved.  And, I am right here learning and growing with you.
If you are reading this you can feel my energy- know that I am here, and together in 2024 we are going to amplify our lives so that we can amplify our voices and BE THE ONE to illuminate the world! 
You are truly a gift to the world, and the world needs more of you, First name / friend.

I love you. 

Happy New Year,
Carmen Ohling

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