Since I returned from Tulum, I continue to take time to reflect on the deep, transformational shift that happened within me and around me during my time away.  I am forever grateful and changed from this experience.  If you have an opportunity to get a week away, or more, for yourself – don’t hesitate, take it!  It took me a few days to fully settle in and calm my nervous system that I feel like I am constantly realigning with at home to be centered, in a peaceful state, and easeful within my body, mind and spirit.
After the first few days of my body instinctively trying to be on the go and do, do, do I was able to tap into a state of calm.  Within this calm I was able to truly focus on the present moment versus allowing my thoughts to shift into the next moment like we so often do in life because we have so many things competing for our attention…
And we are allowing it.
Did you catch that? 🧐
We are actively choosing each day to give away our attention, energy, and time to things that won’t even matter a year from now – or maybe even tomorrow – and exchanging that for our most precious moments- the moments of joy, connection, creativity, and aliveness.  These precious moments slipping through the cracks of our rushed, distracted life.
Isn’t time we stopped sprinting to a finish line that each time we feel like we’ve reach it, the finish line moves further and further away?
What if we stopped sprinting through our life?
I know.  I’ve done it – You would have the time and energy to fully to experience it!
I want that for you.  Do you want that for you?
“As I heal, I heal the world.”
This is something I heard a few years ago which brought a new intention to my life…
There is nothing wrong with me.
There is nothing wrong with you.
There is nothing wrong with life; it just is.
Within this place of nothingness is everything.  An everything that has no attachments, no resentment, no doubt, no expectations, and is always open and receptive, circling back to love.
For years, I’ve known my purpose and calling in life is to serve others from a place of bold, empathetic strength.  And, within this calling I’ve taken on a new assignment which will impact the lives of 100,000’s of individuals in the world…..
And as I heal, grow, learn, and expand it is my assignment to share it with you.
It is my assignment to tell you: “II did it, so can you.  Lean in, I am reaching out my hand.  I’ll lift you up.”
As you’re reading this know that I am reaching my hand out to YOU.  Lean in.  Grab it. I’ll lift you up and we will heal the world, together.
Wishing you peace and presence in each movement today,
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