Have you ever said…

“I have a hard time staying focused.”

“I start working on one thing but then I begin thinking about the other million things I have to get done.”

“Once I get started, there are so many other things vying for my attention I get distracted fairly often.”

“I plan my work and my day but everyone else needs me and my help, so I don’t always get it done when I have planned.”

Which one of these do you relate to the most?

I know I can relate to all of them at some point in my life!

The truth is… 

We are actively choosing each day to give away our attention, energy, and time to things that won’t even matter a year from now – or maybe even tomorrow – and exchanging that for our most precious moments- the moments of joy, connection, creativity, and aliveness that are only found in the present.

These precious moments slip through the cracks of our rushed, distracted lives.

And we are allowing it.

Did you catch that?

Isn’t time we stopped sprinting to a finish line that each time we feel like we’ve reached it, the finish line moves further and further away?

What if we stopped sprinting through our lives?

I started with setting this one intention years ago and it still holds today as a guidepost to my daily life:

I will not rush.

Plus, I do everything in my power to set up my schedule and life in a way that supports this intention.

Making this shift and simple daily intention has created more focused and productive work sessions, built more meaningful relationships, allowed my health to go from good to optimal and thriving (keeping my MS in remission), and allowed me to feel so much more creativity, freedom, and joy. 

I’ve done it –  and you can too!

I want that for you.  Do you want that for you?


Are you finally ready to let go of doing it all, feeling overwhelmed and not finding joy in your life? I remember the day I said “no more” and  I let it all go!  I’ve created this guide with 3 simple steps for you to get started and find more joy in your everyday life and way less stress!

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