I remember when I left my 16 year, successful corporate career.

For 16 years I worked on average 6 days a week, 10 hours a day.  I loved my job and I was freaking good at it! So why did I find myself in my car before work one day crying?  You know what- I had no idea why I was crying but after that day I was on a mission to find out!

There were a lot of thoughts with me when I thought about what I should do. I should stay in my career because – 

  • I’ve been here for 16 years
  • I’m the primary breadwinner for my family
  • My entire community knows me as this career woman

The loudest thought that downed out all of the “should’s” was that I had forgotten who I truly was. There was no congruency in my life and I had no idea what I stood for as a woman. I cried that day that I left my successful career, and I’d love to say they were all tears of joy but the truth is that it was scary to let go of a career that I had established as my identity.   It was like ripping off a bandaid and all I kept thinking to myself was, “who the hell am I without this?” Not knowing what was next and heading into the unknown was terrifying but it was what I needed to do.

The New Shift

Fast forward 5 years…..  My husband and I decided to sell the home we lived in for 15 years in Oregon, along with 90% of our belongings, and move to Colorado. You’ll never believe this, but the day we moved into our condo was actually the first day I ever saw it.  If we had moved 10 years prior, there’s no way that would have happened!

The truth is that today, one of the most exciting things in my life is the uncertainty of the new opportunities that I’m experiencing. I actually like not being in control of what’s happening and rather, being open to the world and what might happen. 

The more that I have released my grip on everything in life, the more open I have been to what the world has for me. This has led to more connections and more opportunities than ever before.

Do you want to know why?

The Power of Letting Go

I’ve realized that trying to be in control of everything keeps you playing small because you have less to lose. By releasing your hold on control and opening up, it allows you to experience more, play bigger and see what is possible. 

Letting go does not mean letting your goals go, it just means letting go of the outcome. This means that every day, you can take deliberate, intentional action to achieve your goals, but you don’t have to white-knuckle it daily for a specific outcome. Instead, you’ll see the world around you with open eyes and an open heart rather than limiting yourself with tunnel vision. 

Does that tunnel vision sound familiar?

It’s okay if it does! As an ambitious, goal oriented woman, I’m sure you’ve made it where you are today by “keeping your eye on the prize”. But imagine what you could create with the world around you if you open your heart to exploring the unknown.

Use This Question to Keep Moving Forward

I invite you to sit down and start asking yourself this question, “What am I curious about today?”

Is this a new book or podcast? Taking a new fitness class? Trying out a new recipe?

When we follow our curiosity, we can really understand what we’re passionate about. 

If you can’t think about what you’re curious about today, that is okay! Can you think about what you were curious about 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 15 years ago? 

When we were children, we were curious about everything! However, we heard “no, don’t do that” about a million times and it’s become ingrained in us to not do things. But by allowing some time for play and for joy, the creative and curious version of yourself is likely to emerge.

For more tips and to learn more about my story, Click here to listen to the episode of the Why Should I? Podcast where I talk more in depth about why I continue to pursue the uncomfortable and how it’s changed my life!

Wishing you a ton of light and love,



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