You cannot do everything.

I know, I know… This may be confusing because it sounds like the opposite of everything you’ve ever heard!

But here is the thing… What you have actually heard is, “You can do anything.” In fact, we’ve been hearing this message since we were younger. Now, whether or not you truly believe this is one thing that I’m sure we’ll get into another day, but this one is for my believers. If you truly believe that you can do anything, I urge to be sure that you aren’t trying to do everything.

My main point today is that as we grow in life, we have to make trade-offs and let go of things to allow new things to come into our lives.

Let’s illustrate this. For example, let’s stay that maybe you go to college, become a career woman,  get married and have kids. Now all of a sudden you’re trying to be the best mom, wife, career woman, volunteer at your kid’s school all while trying to keep up with your health and squeeze in the tiny amount of time you have left to catch your breath. At the end of the day, you find yourself so unfulfilled, so tired, and actually have no time for yourself because you’re to-do list is on all day, everyday. This is not the way to live!

So, I ask you to pause and figure out – 

  1. Where are you at today?
  2. Who are you today?
  3. What do you stand for?
  4. What is important to you?

Then, you have to prioritize those things in your day. You have to be willing to make significant trade offs if you want to keep growing and striving to reach your full potential.

What This Looks Like For Me

In my own life, I’ve had my own coaching and nutrition business for the past 5 years. I’ve really transitioned into doing more in the online space, speaking at events and all of this really lights me up! But earlier this year, I found myself really stressed and overwhelmed. After some reflection, I realized what was happening.

I was still doing everything that I started out doing and just added more to it. I added on new amazing coaching programs for empowering women, working with them on a 1:1 basis every week, speaking on big sages.

But, I didn’t give up older programs and habits  because they were a security blanket for me! So I made some changes. What I’ve done recently is let go some of my old programs to create space for new opportunities in my life and in my business.

This has been such a game changer! I’ve been able to step into who I am as a woman, who I want to be, what I want to bring into this world and how I can share my gifts better with all of you!

You’ll notice that in my own story, there was a resistance to change because of fear. This is not uncommon. People will cling to an unsatisfactory way of life rather than change it to get something better in fear of getting something worse. But remember, the saying we’ve heard all our lives is still true. We can do anything we set our minds to. So try to let go of the old while going all in with the new.

The act of consciously choosing a new way is something will grow into a habit and will be easier to do over time. 

So I ask you…

  • Where do you want to be?
  • What are you still holding onto today that you need to let go of even if it’s scary or feels expected of you?

I’d love for you to share this message with an ambitious woman in your life who you know is striving for something! Then, I’d love for you to shoot me an email about what you’re striving for and what is is that you need to let go of.

We have just around 90 days left in this year! Let’s make some room for great things.

Wishing you a ton of light and love,



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