Each year I select a word for the year to guide me thoughts, decisions, and actions for the year.  This year is no different and I have been playing around with a few words. I shared them last week in my newsletter, and they included: amplify, leadership, collaboration, and depth.
Still, there wasn’t that one. There wasn’t that one word that encompassed what God was doing within me this year and that I was stepping so boldly into doing in the world this year.  Until last week on my God walk one morning.  2024 is all about making things significant.
I went right home and dove into the meaning of the word, and below is the meaning that I came up with.  (Note: if you’re into wordsmithing like me, be sure to check out the Webster 1828 Dictionary)


Expressive of something beyond the external mark, having an effect and standing as a sign of something momentous.
The first thing that stood out to me is the phrase “beyond the external mark.”  When something is beyond the external mark, I concluded that it then means it’s and internal mark- an intrinsic motivation rather than being motivated from outside influence.
The two other words that stood out were “effect” and “momentous.”  When you put these two words together they produce growth, change, and miracles.
So, First name, here we are friends.  In 2024, I am committed to continuing to do the work on the inside of myself so that I can show up as my highest and best for myself, my family and friends, and YOU.  Because when I show up fully, and no longer downplay my significance then it exudes out of me and spilly over to you so that it produces a significant impact in your life too.
Here’s to being significant and experiencing significant growth, change, and miracles together in 2024!


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