Freedom From Food Cravings

Freedom From Food Cravings

Does your mouth start to water every time you see a gigantic cheeseburger with bacon?

Weird, mine doesn’t. Why?

I practice eating foods that nourish my body, give me energy and help me achieve optimal health on a daily basis. It’s interesting that when you do this you actually crave real, nourishing foods instead of gut bombs like this burger. ⠀


Those times that all I can think about is ice cream, pizza and french fries. ⠀

This is the reason for this blog! There are times and situations when I know this will happen and I wanted to share this with you….⠀


1. You are lacking sleep or are exhausted.⠀
Sleep deprivation increases cravings! Your body starts producing a hormone that tells your brain you’re hungry in larger amounts than usual. So when you’ve been running on empty all day (or all week!) and you’re feeling like all you want to do is grab snacks left in right, check in with yourself and consider creating time for some rest.

2. You are overly hungry and would eat anything. ⠀
Think of your hunger on a scale of 1-10. “1” is when you feel completely satiated and “10” is when you would literally eat a piece of paper to feel better. Often times as busy and ambitious women, we are in go-go-go mode all the time. That means, we only ever really notice we are hungry when we are HUNGRY. Try monitoring your hunger especially around lunchtime or dinner. If you know that you are going to need to go get lunch outside of the office or if the dinner you’re making is going to take some time, consider getting a headstart on that before you are starving. Try the rule of thumb to not let your hunger get past a “7” because that’s when poor food choices are made.

3. You are stressed and use food to numb. ⠀
Is life going 100 miles an hour for you? Are you working on trying to meet a deadline?
During these times, it’s easy to reach for a bag of chips or something sweet without even really being hungry. So next time you get the urge to snack check in with yourself. Take a step back from whatever you’re doing and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry? Or am I stressed out?” Pause and listen to your body at that moment and you’ll know what to do.

4. You are bored and use food to numb. ⠀
In moments of idleness, it’s super easy to try to eat or snack in order to pass the time. I can’t tell you how many times in the past I’ve been waiting on my husband to finish getting ready before we go somewhere and I found myself wanting to rummage through our pantry. In general, try filling the empty time blocks in your life with an activity! Read a book, go for a walk, or do some stretching.

5. You allow others eating shitty food to be your excuse for you to do the same- you have to be polite. (BS!)⠀
Nope. This isn’t a valid excuse. You have to take a stand for yourself despite what other people might be doing. Do you know that your colleagues go to a fast food place for lunch several times a week and always invite you? In these moments you have to choose… and you have to choose you first. Take your lunch to work and honor the time you took to assemble it by actually eating it! If you absolutely must partake in eating out for an event, you can always do your best by asking your waiter to have your food prepared a certain way like not putting butter on your vegetables or swapping fries for a salad.

Email me at and let me know how you deal with your food cravings. Need a little help in this area? Shoot me a message and we can figure out a plan that works best for you.

For some, my Clean Eating Transformation plan is what works best for them. You can learn more about it here.

Wishing you a ton of light and love,


4 Simple Strategies to Stay on Track This Holiday Season ⠀

4 Simple Strategies to Stay on Track This Holiday Season ⠀

Did you know….

🥬 Food contains information that speaks to our genes, not just calories for energy. Research is showing us that nutrient dense foods “talk” to our DNA switching on or off genes that lead to health or disease. What you eat programs your body with the message of health or illness.⠀

🥒 What you put on your plate and in your mouth daily is more powerful medicine than anything you will find at the bottom a prescription. ⠀

🍓Are you feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired? Start with food! Food is the most powerful medicine available to heal chronic disease.⠀

🥑 Fat is not “bad”, in fact you should eat it daily! Think coconut, avocado, seeds, nuts, and natural nut butters. ⠀

🍭 In the other hand, sugar when combined with fat or carbohydrates and eaten consistently in high amounts, is one of the primary reason so many people are overweight or obese. Duh, right?!? Read this point again, then look in your cupboard!!⠀

Wondering where to start?

I have you covered. Here are 4 simple strategies and rituals to keep you going strong as we head into the holiday season.

1️⃣ Cook more meals at home using real, minimally processed foods.

I get it! There’s the holiday dinner parties, corporate events, the person in your office who is sharing all of their fall baking with you and it is hard to say, “no.”

Yes, you can choose to consciously indulge a handful of times, but very mindful of when you decide to not cook breakfast or take lunch to work, because you know there are going to be treats at the office.

If you absolutely must go out for a meal, you can still make solid choices! It’s okay to be that person who asks about how the food is made and what ingredients are used in it. You are free to make requests for your meal to be prepared in a way that makes you actually feel good about your decision rather than feeling bloated and guilty.

2️⃣ Make water your primary beverage daily and drink no less than 75oz. ⠀

As it gets colder, our bodies naturally gravitate towards wanting warmer foods and drinks, but make sure all of the coffee and hot chocolate is in moderation. At the end of the day, your body still needs water so make sure that is what you’re choosing to accompany your meals with water more often than not.

3️⃣ Fill your plate with veggies first, then add the rest. ⠀

This tip, like the others, definitely applies year round. Take advantage of the fall and winter vegetables that are in season such as butternut squash, brussels sprouts, kale, carrots and sweet potatoes!

4️⃣ Try one new healthy recipe each week and keep track of the ones you enjoy!⠀

Need some new ideas? Head over to Instagram and search #cookathomewithcarmen to find over 100 recipes you can use to switch things up. (Or you can just click here!) Remember, eating healthy does not have to be boring! Take the time to slow down and find new things that sound fun to try. You can even make it an event at your house where you can get your husband and kids involved and make memories!

Above all, I hope you keep in mind that preparing delicious and nutrient dense food for yourself is a way that you can put yourself first! I know that you’re off doing big things and gracing your body with nourishing foods is a gigantic act of self care.

Email me at and let me know which tip you are going to take action on first. Need help taking action? I’m here for you as well!

Wishing you a ton of light and love,


How to Actually Start Cooking at Home

How to Actually Start Cooking at Home

Take the time to cook your food.

How possible does that seem to you?

We are a society that is so rushed and most people do not take the time to cook delicious, nutritious meals!!⠀

Need convincing on why you should?

Here are all the benefits –

1. You get to pick the ingredients that you like and enjoy. ⠀

2. You get to control what’s added to your meals. Most restaurants use cheap oil when they cook your foods. Did you know this can lead to excess inflammation in your body?⠀When you’re in the one in control, you are able to be in charge of not only how amazing your food tastes but how it leaves you feeling when you’re done eating.

3. You can try new foods, seasoning and ways to prepare your food. This is actually fun and it can get you out of that spaghetti-taco-meatloaf-pizza rut you’ve been in every week for the last 10 years!⠀

4. When you slow down at meal time, not only to cook but to eat, your digestion improves and your body’s absorption of nutrients increases.

5. The more you cook at home and control what you are putting in your body, the easier it will be to lose fat and meet your health goals!⠀


1. Plan to cook 2 new meals this week- see how it goes and try for 3 next week. (I’d love to see the meals you’re cooking! Share them online and tag #cookathomewithcarmen!) ⠀

2. Write out your meal plan, prepare your shopping list, and then go buy all the shit you need. You can even make this feel like “me time” by preparing your meals and shopping list on a Saturday morning while you enjoy your cup of coffee or tea.⠀

3. This is the important part…actually cook the meals no matter what! There will always be an excuse, but know that you will feel so good making your own meals! Consider this to be an exercise of putting yourself first – above all your outward commitments and things you should be doing.

4. Make sure to save all the recipes you really love, so you can use then again!⠀


Send me an email at if you’d like to chat about how you can implement this in your life and finally start feeling the way you want to feel! I’ll be sure to send you a few ideas on how you can put a plan of action into place. ⠀

Trust me, together we can be healthy and live our best lives.


In order to help you start cooking at home, I’ve created 12 recipes for you featuring all things pumpkin. Click here to grab your free download! I know you will love them and that they will become a part of your weekly rotation this holiday season.

Wishing you a ton of light and love,


The 90 Second Rule

The 90 Second Rule

Have you heard of the 90 Second Rule? This is something that I have used to become super conscious of my relationship with food. (Don’t think you have a relationship with food? Keep reading!) I will definitely share the 90 second rule with you below, but first, let’s start with some questions…

  • Ever find yourself reaching for something sweet or indulgent anytime you’re going through a hard time? (Aka using food to numb yourself of unwanted emotions)
  • Are you familiar with reaching for a snack when you’re sitting on the couch as you try to find a TV show to watch?
  • Do you need more than one hand to count the times you’ve eaten out because a friend or coworker invited you to lunch or Sunday brunch?
  • Is there a certain of the day you routinely pop open a bag of chips or candy?

If you said YES to any of the above, it’s time to interrupt this negative pattern and enter the world of food freedom.

But let’s be honest, for starters, I have been guilty of saying YES to all of the above which at their core mean using food in unhealthy ways to – 

  • Numb your feelings
  • Entertain yourself when you’re bored
  • Fit in with others
  • Mindlessly eat out of routine rather than necessity

Again, I have been through all of these before and never stopped to listen to my body and check in with myself. It felt like a never ending cycle that I could not break. ⠀

Now, what’s this “food freedom” thing you ask? For me, food freedom means eating when you’re hungry, eating a variety of foods that make you feel good and having the utmost control to refrain from eating half a jar of peanut butter at a time. 

Here’s how to get started. Use my 90 second rule! The 90 second rule works because when we experience a feeling or emotion, it only takes 90 seconds for us to feel it and allow it to pass. By sitting with yourself for a full 90 seconds, it stops you from reaching for food, it interrupts the pattern and it allows you to be in control of your choice. These are the steps – 

✖️Whenever you feel like you’re itching to eat something, stop and be still for 90 seconds to check in with yourself. ⠀

✖️Feel the feeling you are trying to ignore. Is it stress? Worry? Sadness? Boredom?

✖️Ask yourself what you need- do you really need food or do you need to have a conversation, go for a walk, take a shower… do something that continues to interrupt your “normal pattern.”⠀

✖️Repeat as many times as needed. ⠀

At first this will be challenging and it should be, you’re trying to break years of programming! With practice, it will get easier and you will start to see and feel the results! ⠀

Need help working through this? This is only a part of what I help many ambitious women, just like you, work through in order to level up in their life. I’d love the same for you! If you’re interested in learning more about what having a coach is like, email me at and we’ll chat about it.

Wishing you a ton of light and love,


4 Tips to Make Healthy Eating Simple

4 Tips to Make Healthy Eating Simple

Have you ever wished that eating healthy could just be simple? *insert raised hand emoji*

Sure, there are many cookbooks, recipes, diets, etc. out there offer so much information, but for someone who is just trying to get started or get back on track, that can be pretty freaking overwhelming.

Even after years of experience in nutrition, I choose to keep eating simple.

Here are my four personal guidelines that I think can help you.

1. Focus on These Four
Focus on having veggies, protein, and fat at each meal and then add carbs as needed based on the days’ activities. Here are a few of my favorites in each category –

Brussel sprouts

Chicken breast
Turkey breast
Eggs & Egg Whites
Flank Steak

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sweet potato

2. Gut Health
Add fermented foods and flaxseed or chia seeds to 3 meals a day. (Gut health is important!)

3. Flavor is Your Friend
Which essentially means that seasonings are your sidekick. Don’t be afraid to add a ton of flavor to your meals! Healthy eating still means that your food can be delicious! Use seasonings, kimchi, salsa, hot sauce, fresh citrus fruit and fresh herbs. Here are a few seasonings and herbs that are my pantry staples:

Sea Salt and Pepper
Chili Powder
Store-bought/pre-packaged seasoning blends are also great but be sure to do a quick label check and make sure there are no added sugars.


4. Be Your Own Chef
Try your best to cook at home for the majority of meals during the week focusing on real, whole food. I know, grabbing food to go may seem faster, but hear me out… batch cooking is the way to go. Not only does it actually save you a shit ton of time and money, but it ensures that you are eating foods that give you energy, are nourishing to your body and make you feel good! (I wrote this other blog on batch cooking so you can learn how – trust me, it’s so doable.)

I know this blog post will be helpful for you, but if you want to take it a step further, you can join my 28 Day Clean Eating program that delivers recipes, shopping lists and weekly doses of inspiration straight to your inbox. (You can currently get 7 days totally free – that’s 7 whole days of meals already planned out!)

If you’d like more help on getting started on your nutrition and wellness journey, I’d love to help! Feel free to reach out to me at

Wishing you a ton of light and love,


How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

With summer still in full swing, it’s super common that there’s a lot of travel going on for everyone! Travel can often be a big stress point for people who are trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle regime and let me tell you, I get it. Maintaining healthy eating while traveling is still a work in progress for me! However, I’ve come to understand I can approach trips with one of two mentalities… and one is an absolute game-changer.

Diet Mentality (aka NOT the game changer)

It’s possible that you have found yourself here before… Restricting yourself before your trip, then going all out eating and drinking whenever you want, often in large quantities, and it ends up making you feel like shit. So then you restrict and over exercise when you get home all while feeling guilty about your choices during your trip, and dwelling on negative self-image thoughts.

How freaking miserable does this sound? I’m not for it. So instead, I’ve been focusing on feeling good.

Focus on Feeling Good Mentality

Focusing on feeling good has been my new approach to eating healthy while traveling. It’s actually been my approach to eating healthy in general! Instead of having a mindset focused around restriction, I eat foods that nourish your body and that I enjoy daily. I choose foods that allow me to feel good daily (this could be a big ass salad or a piece of cheesecake) but do so in normal quantities and I eat foods that keep my energy high. This all leads me to feeling amazing and refreshed when I return home.

Here are two things to consider so you can adopt this as well –

  • Consider the idea that you can enjoy food, enjoy your life and feel good all at the same time. What this means for you is that you get to choose.
  • Prior to eating, ask yourself, “How do I want to feel?”
  • Then ask yourself, “What foods will help me feel this way?” If you can focus on feeling good and having energy daily you will find so much more confidence, excitement, and joy in all of your life experiences.

As I said before, this is still a work in progress for me. The summer tends to be a huge travel season for me and nourishing my body has not been on point every day, but the reflection on how I feel propels me to keep figuring it out!

Here is what I have learned over time:

  •  Vegetables are a non-negotiable for me daily.
  • Traveling with ground flax and magnesium is also a must because it helps me poop daily… otherwise, things are not moving!
  • Alcohol is OK, but not every day. Everyday consumption leads to inflammation, water retention, and low creativity.
  • How I eat is HOW I EAT and nobody else’s business. I focus on what makes ME feel good.
  • Limiting snacking and focusing on satiating meals is the way to go for me. (One day, I ate two Quest Nutrition bars, chocolate, and a salad. I did not feel good the next day)
  • Trying new foods, experience and flavors is fun, but knowing what works best for me makes meal planning easier.

When is your next trip? Want help? I’ve just recently launched my Monthly Meal Plan program that is complete with recipes and shopping lists so it takes all of the guesswork out of healthy eating! Over time, it’ll become easier and easier for you to cook your own food that is healthy, gives you all of the energy and makes you feel amazing!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

Sending you a ton of light and love,



Are you finally ready to let go of doing it all, feeling overwhelmed and not finding joy in your life? I remember the day I said “no more” and  I let it all go!  I’ve created this guide with 3 simple steps for you to get started and find more joy in your everyday life and way less stress!

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