Take the time to cook your food.

How possible does that seem to you?

We are a society that is so rushed and most people do not take the time to cook delicious, nutritious meals!!⠀

Need convincing on why you should?

Here are all the benefits –

1. You get to pick the ingredients that you like and enjoy. ⠀

2. You get to control what’s added to your meals. Most restaurants use cheap oil when they cook your foods. Did you know this can lead to excess inflammation in your body?⠀When you’re in the one in control, you are able to be in charge of not only how amazing your food tastes but how it leaves you feeling when you’re done eating.

3. You can try new foods, seasoning and ways to prepare your food. This is actually fun and it can get you out of that spaghetti-taco-meatloaf-pizza rut you’ve been in every week for the last 10 years!⠀

4. When you slow down at meal time, not only to cook but to eat, your digestion improves and your body’s absorption of nutrients increases.

5. The more you cook at home and control what you are putting in your body, the easier it will be to lose fat and meet your health goals!⠀


1. Plan to cook 2 new meals this week- see how it goes and try for 3 next week. (I’d love to see the meals you’re cooking! Share them online and tag #cookathomewithcarmen!) ⠀

2. Write out your meal plan, prepare your shopping list, and then go buy all the shit you need. You can even make this feel like “me time” by preparing your meals and shopping list on a Saturday morning while you enjoy your cup of coffee or tea.⠀

3. This is the important part…actually cook the meals no matter what! There will always be an excuse, but know that you will feel so good making your own meals! Consider this to be an exercise of putting yourself first – above all your outward commitments and things you should be doing.

4. Make sure to save all the recipes you really love, so you can use then again!⠀


Send me an email at carmen@carmenohling.com if you’d like to chat about how you can implement this in your life and finally start feeling the way you want to feel! I’ll be sure to send you a few ideas on how you can put a plan of action into place. ⠀

Trust me, together we can be healthy and live our best lives.


In order to help you start cooking at home, I’ve created 12 recipes for you featuring all things pumpkin. Click here to grab your free download! I know you will love them and that they will become a part of your weekly rotation this holiday season.

Wishing you a ton of light and love,



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