Cooking healthy & delicious from your pantry & freezer: All with 6 ingredients or less!

If you’re like me, with the outbreak of the Coronavirus across the world, you stocked up on your pantry and freezer items.  If you’re feeling stuck making the same old basic tacos, spaghetti and cream of whatever casserole, I am here to help!  Today I am digging deep back into my nutrition arsenal of recipes and bringing back some favorites, all with 6 ingredients or less.  Don’t worry though, they all taste freaking awesome, are healthy and totally kid and husband approved!

Here are a few tips when cooking at home during social distancing:

  1. Season your food.  Buy simple, single ingredient foods and season them yourself when you cook.  Often we are accustom to letting the grocery store help us with this, but guess what?  They are added a ton more than just salt and pepper, like: sugar, preservatives and other chemicals to make the foods last longer and encourage our bodies to crave them more.  Ya, the food industry is pretty sneaky like that!  My favorite go-to seasonings are: sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, chili power, cumin, Italian seasoning (so simple & make everything taste like pizza!), a blend called “Chicago Style” seasoning (for meat), cinnamon, and stevia or monkfruit (for natural no-calorie sweeteners.)
  2. Start batch cooking, even though you are home all the time.  What is batch cooking?  It’s basically cooking in bulk foods that you know you like and enjoy and can re-purpose into different meals.  I recommend batch cooking 2 proteins (think grass-fed beef into taco meat and grilled chicken breast), 2 carb sources (think potatoes and rice) and 4 veggies sources (think frozen veggies baked on a sheet tray and prepped cold veggies for snacking.)  Batch cooking will help you put together meals quickly for your and your family and keep you away from eating everything in the pantry when you tell yourself your “too tired to cook!”
  3. The key to cooking and eating at home is eating more, not less.  Let me clarify here: eating more of the foods that nourish your body and make you feel good vs the foods that make you feel like shit.  If you’re asking yourself, what are those food that I should be eating… Okay, I am going to call BS here!  You already know!  Veggies, fruits, lean meats, healthy fats and non-processed carbohydrates.  I recommend to make your plate following this guide, which always starts with 1/2 a plate of veggies!

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