I want it and I want it now!  – Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  
Do you need a reminder of this, click HERE to watch!  But, what happens to Veruca in the end?  Because of her frantic manifesting and controlling, the Universe serves her up the exact opposite of what she desired.  
Society has taught us that the faster and more convenient something is, the better it is… but is that true?  
Think back to something you truly desired and worked hard for… did it come quickly, or did it come over time with a few bumps in the road?
We often forget about all of the miracle moments that happen along the journey, or worse yet we are so focused on the end result we never even experience the everyday moments that make a miraculous life.  I want you to know that what is meant for you will not pass you, ever.  Loosen your grip just slightly and see where you can continue to take inspired action daily AND also be present in each of the moments of your life like they are the most important moments.  
Notice how things change for you because they will.  
Notice how you feel… 
Get ready to welcome inner peace. 
Lots of love,


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