Consider this today….

✨ The majority of women I work with today (hey, including myself) are chronically emotionally and mentally hyper-activated, on edge, and – maybe even addicted to living chaotically.

✨ If you read that, and you immediately thought, “Carmen, that’s not me!” Then, I want you to take this little quiz: 👇

👉 Do you feel uncomfortable when there is nothing for you “to-do”?
👉 Are you often feeling a sense of urgency or rushing?
👉 Is your digestion off? (Not pooping daily, frequent bloating, etc.)
👉 Do others often say to you, “I know you’re so busy, but…”

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it is likely that you are living in a chronically hyper state, which keeps your nervous system heightened all day long and ultimately affecting not only your productivity but your health, relationships, overall well-being and more!

Why is this important…. 👇

✨ Well, in my experience, most of the time, this may cause you to feel overwhelmed, confused, unable to make a clear decision, or you may experience brain fog, anxiety, and sleep problems. It may even be harder to set and keep boundaries for yourself or get motivated even for things you previously enjoyed doing – like exercising, being creative, or doing your job at the highest level possible.

✨ All too often, we assume stress, anxiety, fear, and agitation are just how we’re “wired” or just “who we are.” I want you to know that just because it is common for a ton of women (yes, you are not the only one, believe me) that it is NOT NORMAL.

❣️ Check back here for what you can do in your life to begin to unravel this addiction to being hyper-activated mentally, physically and emotionally.

👯‍♀️ Share this to a woman in your life who you think needs to take this little quiz with you!!


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