I read this on LinkedIn recently…

I am not sharing this because I think it’s the “right” way to define success for everyone.  I am sharing this to show the importance of designing a life you truly love and measuring your success on your own terms.


For years I made the same mistake I see so many people making, following someone else’s definition of success instead of taking the time to discern one for themselves. You see, when you are following someone else’s definition of success you will never be truly fulfilled – you will always be seeking something more.  In our coaching company, we like to coin this as, “An all-consuming-yet-never-satisfied” search for more.  Leaving you feeling less than, stressed, overworked, and resentful.


But on the flip side, more can be found when you turn the mirror on yourself and define what matters most to you, then each day unreasonably go after it without regard to external environmental pressures. 


Today, I encourage you to sit down one afternoon and create the space to decide what success looks and feels like for you.

It could be a career aspiration.

It could be way more time and presence with your family.

It could be navigating your health to optimize your energy.

It could be feeling deeply connected to God and your sense of purpose. 


Have fun with it and remember this key point– there’s no wrong answer when it comes to defining your success.

You get to choose. 

I’d love to hear what you come up with, shoot me a message and share! 


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