Wow, I am blown away by your response to my letter last week. So many of you are ready for more in-person events and deep meaningful connections. Guess what, I am SO READY to be in these spaces with you too!! 
Here’s what I want to share with you today… 
Dreams are not just to be longed after; dreams are meant to be lived! 
What are you doing to make the space in your life to live your dreams? 
Who is helping you, guiding you, and holding you accountable? 
What is your next right small step to get closer to your dreams?
If you’re seeking guidance and accountability in 2024, here are three resources that you have access to TODAY: 
1. This simple daily prayer that my friend, Marshawn shared with me in her book Believer Bigger:
“Lord, please give me a bigger vision for my life. Help me to believe that my purpose is bigger than I understand, and to trust that your view of me and my future is bigger than what I externally see. Help me to speak what I seek until I see what I’ve said. I give you thanks for the manifestation of this vision already in progress. Give me the wisdom, humility, and certainty as I make room for what you’ve said is for me to become, have, and do. I give you thanks and declare this done over my life. Amen.”
2. Book a Flow Coaching Session with one of our Certified Holistic Life Coaches and get the support and accountability you need ASAP. Book HERE.
3. If you already know you have massive goals for 2024, and it will take strategy, discipline, and a new level of both professional and personal high performance, then let’s chat about flying you out to Miami Beach to learn directly from me at your own Personal High-Performance Immersive Retreat. Limited spots are available this winter (but really it’s like summer here in Miami)- click HERE to book your call.

Oh, and BTW… one week until Christmas, which is so fun! Even more fun for Joal and I is that our daughter arrives in Florida tonight and we get to celebrate her 22nd birthday with her here in Miami Beach on the 16th! 

Sending you light, love, and courage to go after your dreams today,


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