What attracts you to someone? Looks? Accomplishments? Physical possessions?
Look, we are all human and because of that we all judge even when we don’t want to judge. Consider this: what if we no longer were attracted to others because of their outward appearance or accomplishments and we were attracted to their energy?
REAL TALK… when we are attracted to someone for their appearance, we then start measuring ourselves up to them and finding some damn reason that we are not good enough or we should be doing more… again, part of the human experience.
As we dig into this, what if our intention was to be attracted to energy each day? For example, being attracted to:
  • A way of thinking.
  • Health habits.
  • Vulnerability and honesty.
  • Inner peace and a humble nature.
  • Generosity and kindness.
  • A light-hearted fun spirit.
  • An open heart and great listener.
This type of attraction would bring a whole new level to our lives, our connections, and our own confidence.
Comment down below and let me know your thoughts! 


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