I am back from Tulum! 👋

You may have noticed I’ve not shared a newsletter or podcast last week, and I’ve been way less active over the last month on social media. Then again, maybe you haven’t but I think I’ll share this with you today anyway…

Next week we’ll be back to our newsletter and podcast episodes I know you look forward to each week, but today I am sharing with you a few of my takeaways from my 3-week sabbatical to Tulum.

So, let’s dive in! 🙌

I’m so glad I took this time away. It’s like nothing changed, yet everything has changed. Have you ever felt that way? 🤔

I booked a flight for July 23rd and as Joal dropped me off at the airport and said goodbye I wasn’t fully sure of my return date. My spirit was ready for the solitude, for the restoration, for the newness to unfold and to fully receive the magic of Tulum that I have experiences multiple times before. ✨

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this time away. Things changed for me personally, at home, within my relationship with Joal, and with how I am being called to show up and serve within my business. ❤️

💡 Below are a few key ideas that I sat with in Tulum, and in some cases developed new coaching principles and practices I am excited to teach you soon: 👇

1. Writing is more about observing and listening than writing.

2. Distraction is a choice, yet disruptions are guidance from God. – (Blessings and challenges both prepare and position us for what God has next.)

3. The most powerful position you can take in life is to PAUSE.

4. Convenience, short-cuts, and the constant need to condense time is killing your clarity, capacity, and the ability to reach your calling.

5. A rich life, a meaningful, openhearted life is full of rich points punctuated by pauses, and only available to those who live in the present moment.

6. Our biggest barrier to reaching our future success is our present success.

7. Rest may be just the tip of the iceberg; you might need deep restoration and rejuvenation.

8. Within the silence of solitude is when you hear the most.

💭 COMMENT BELOW and let me know 1-8 what hits home with you today?

❣️ A few changes with my business moving forward are that the Permission Slip Retreat will take a pause in 2024, in place of more transformative lectures, trainings, and certifications that will be in-person.  I am being called to be in person with you all WAY MORE in 2024 and for the rest of 2023.

With that being said, I would like to invite you to join me at one of these upcoming in-person events: 👇

1. A Guided Cold Plunge Experience in Albany, OR
2. Conversations With Carmen in Albany, OR
3. The Permission Slip Retreat in Redmond, OR (This is the final retreat, so be sure to join if you’ve felt called!)
4. Conversations With Carmen in Miami Beach, FL
5. BRM Connect in Portland, OR
6. Conversations With Carmen in Salem, OR
7. Coeur d’Alene Chamber Women’s Luncheon in Coeur d’Alene, ID

If you are feeling a nudge, a bubbling up inside of you too and want to explore what that might mean for you, I am opening my calendar for a handful of select complimentary breakthrough calls that you can book HERE. Only book if you are prepared to leave our time together with a plan and action steps! ✨


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