Fitness & Health Fridays With Lauren on Fox21 News

Fitness & Health Fridays With Lauren on Fox21 News

Fitness & Health Fridays  Join myself, Lauren and other health and fitness professionals each Friday on FOX21 Morning News and Loving Living Local as we breakdown the barriers of fitness and health together.  You don’t want to miss this!


Friday, October 16th: 

Make Ahead Breakfast & Snack Recipes

I am so excited to share these kid and hubby approved make ahead recipes!  Not only are they healthy, simple and quick but they taste great too!!  I highly recommend getting kids to help with these recipes too, because they will love it that much more!!


#1: Breakfast Make Ahead Overnight Oats

Base recipe is: ½ cup oatmeal, ½ cup liquid, ½ scoop protein powder

I made: Pumpkin Overnight Oats & Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Other flavor combos: lemon/blueberry, chocolate chip cookie, coconut/vanilla, PB&J.. the options are endless!



Classic Overnight Oats

Protea Nutrition (the protein powder I use!)


#2: Dips and Veggies

We all know we should eat more veggies but often do not.  Here’s a fun way to add more veggies to your daily diet with these make ahead dips!


#1: Green Goddess

#2: Hummus





Friday, September 18th: 

5 Things to Know Before Hiring A Personal Trainer

There is tons of information available online and programs online to help you reach your fitness goals, but taking a more personalized approach can really improve your results. If you can afford it, hiring a personal trainer is an excellent option, particularly if you struggle with keeping yourself motivated. You’re less likely skips workouts or give up on yourself when someone holds you accountable, and a trainer can give you that extra push.  However, not every trainer will be right for you.  Here 5 things you need to know before hiring a personal trainer.

 #1 Know Your Goals: The best trainers listen to what they’re clients are wanted to accomplish and can even help you set more specific goals.  For example, if you tell them you “want to get fit” they may help you set a goal to run a mile in a certain amount of time or be able to do 20 strict push ups.

#2 Don’t Be Fooled By A “Big Name” or Tons of Followers: Social media is not always the best way to pick your trainer.  Just because they have thousands of followers does not mean that they are worth the investment.  Keep in mind that trainers should be able to show their client’s results, not just their own abs!  A good trainer will also ask a questions prior to starting your first session, such as your goal, your health history, injuries, fitness level, etc.  If they don’t ask you questions, this is a red flag for sure!

 #3 Ask About Their Certifications & Expertise:  Common training certifications you will see are: NASM-CPT (National American Sports Medicine) ACSM-CPT (American College of Sports Medicine), or ACE-CPT (American Council on Exercise) all indicate some level of credibility.  The gold standard in the industry is the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). The NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) or NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) certifications are also 2 certifications to look for when interviewing a trainer.  Be sure to also ask about their expertise, for example if a trainer loves doing sweaty high intensity workouts but you’re into yoga and low intensity workouts because of a knee injury that might not be the right trainer for you!

#4 Make Sure You Connect:

Trainers all have different coaching styles and you will want to find a right fit for you.  Don’t be afraid to say no if you’re personalities don’t align but you’re also not looking for a best friend here.  If you’re too chatty during your sessions, you may not get the biggest bang for your buck!

#5 Keep Consistent, Open Communication & Stay Open:

There’s nothing worse than hating every single workout you are doing.  Keep the lines of communication open with your trainer always.  Provide them feedback with what you’re loving or not loving about the training sessions and keep them update about your goal.  Lastly, you’re hiring a trainer for a reason- don’t be a know it all or not willing to try new things.  Stay open to new techniques, hey you might love them!




Friday, August 28th: 

How to Get Out of A Fitness Rut!



If COVID-19 has got you out of the grove, I am going to share my tips to get you motivated again! 

Tip #1: Write down your goal AND speak your goal out loud, so others can help encourage and hold you accountable. 

Tip #2: Get an accountability partner or coach.  (I work with Mike Gray currently and he is in this segment!)

Tip #3: Challenge yourself and try something new!

With the guidance and coaching from my trainer, Mike Gray, I am currently challenging myself to learn to do handstands. CLICK HERE to watch the entire segment, including when Lauren and I do handstand on air!

Find out more about Mike Gray’s Functional Fitness Coaching, HERE.


Friday, August 21st:  


I Share with You How to Be Motivated Every day! 

Fill your own cup first thing by developing an AM ritual.  This will allow you to not be so rush each day and set your intentions to be healthy, happy and motivated…..

Why an AM Ritual?

Most of us are in a rush in the morning, which leads into a rushed day and we are less likely to keep our goals at the forefront of our minds.  Not to mention if you are rushing all day you are always in your sympathetic nervous system, that fight or flight state, which can be very detrimental to your health and waistline.  Stress is the #1 reason for physician visits year after year in the US.  So start your morning a little slower, be intentional and you can be in control of your day and how you feel vs your day being in control of you!


AM Rituals to try to get you closer to reaching your health and fitness goals daily that we share during this segment:

#1 Lemon water

#2 Deep breathing, meditation or prayer

#3 Intention setting and affirmations

How do you get started?

Make a commitment to yourself to set aside 5-10 minutes in the morning.  Start with one thing and build on it from there!  Here are a few you can choose from that can help be intentional and reach your health and fitness goals:

Here are a few that you can try out – pick any that resonate with you –

  • Drinking a cup of coffee or tea
  • Practice yoga
  • Meditate
  • Take a hot or cold shower
  • Go for a walk or a run
  • Visualize your day
  • Write/say your affirmations
  • Read
  • Journal
  • Practice gratitude
  • Deep breathing
  • Stretching or walking
  • Getting outside for a quick hit of Vitamin D!

Find more on AM Rituals at:

FREE GUIDE: 3 Hacks To Simplify Your Morning Routine:

BLOG: How To Build A Morning Ritual:


Friday, July 31st:  I share with you two healthy cocktail (or mocktail) recipes that you can use this summer to enjoy a refreshing beverage and stay healthy!!  Click here to watch the full segment and click here for the blueberry-mint spritzer recipe and here for the margarita recipe to download and try them at home! 



Plus, if you’d like to check out the new female-focused wine spritzer company created by Lori Harder that I mention, you can do that here and grab the Ultima Replenisher Electrolytes here


Friday, July 17th:  I share with you smoothie recipes that are not only delicious and healthy but will keep you full until lunch!  Click here to watch the full segment and click here to download the recipes and try them at home! 


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I take care of my body. Movement, nourishing foods, self-awareness, slowing down radical responsibility, dream chasing and love fill my days. I am relentless about caring for my body and mind and I set boundaries like a mother f**cker!⠀⠀

I have stripes on my body (aka stretch marks). Check out the back of my thighs!⠀⠀
I have a ton of scars on my skin: thank you chicken pox, box jumps, acne, burns and more I am sure I am missing!⠀⠀
If I am not careful I can put work, achievement and the illusion of sourcing my self worth from what society tells me is “success.”⠀⠀
I spent years (literally like 30+) hating my body and in constant comparison to other women that I placed on a pedestal as “better” than me, “prettier” than me, more “successful” than me, “stronger” than me… the list was endless! ⠀⠀
NOW I KNOW… 👇🏽👇🏽⠀⠀
We are all one. Truly we are more alike than different. I’ve discovered that true, authentic vulnerability is the most rewarding part of our human existence. Try it!⠀⠀
Our physical body does not defined our self worth. Neither does the scale, clothes size or any other way we use to measure our skin. Start taking care of your body and mind consistently every day, focusing on what feels good to you (not what is expected) and watch your confidence soar! ⠀⠀
Comparison is the most detrimental activity in our daily lives. WE MUST STOP! For me, after 30 years of comparison programming, it takes daily intentional reframing of my thoughts to ensure I am aligning my thoughts with my highest self daily. If you’re stuck in the comparison spiral, try this: recognize when your comparing, tell yourself “this thought is not of my highest self,” then choose a new thought. ⠀⠀
TELL ME… 👇🏽👇🏽⠀⠀
One thing that is holding you back from living your best life, you are ready to let go of… Or better yet join me at the Permission Slip Tour on March 7th in Portland, Oregon and we can chat more about this in person!
Sending each of you a ton of love and light today. May it fill you with inspiration and energy!


How Do You Relate: Body Image.  Self Worth.  Happiness.

How Do You Relate: Body Image. Self Worth. Happiness.

Body Image.  Self Worth.  Happiness.

I use to relate all three of these, often.  I remember the first time someone asked me how much I weighed I was in 6th grade.  She was in high school and I looked up to her, to be clear I idolized her.  My weight at the time was something like 70lbs but she made it seem like it was a lot….
This shaped the start of my preoccupation with my body image, weight, self worth and happiness.  For over a decade I obsessed about my weight, under eating, over exercising and being all up in my head with constant comparison and judgement. Anyone remember buns of steel with Tamilee Webb?
It’s so easy to tell ourselves (especially as women) that we won’t be satisfied or find true happiness until we achieve a certain dress size or scale weight. The truth is, it isn’t our weight that makes a difference, it’s how we treat ourselves and our body that matters. The lie I use to tell myself over and over and over was: once I reach X weight I will be happy.  Guess what?  I got to the weight and wasn’t happy.
Ok, so here’s the truth.  Your weight does not define you, but how you treat yourself does.  Society tells us you need to be skinny or gives you a permission slip need to accept your unhealthy body. So WFT are we suppose to do here?!?!
First thing to know, to accept, and to understand is that you are worthy of happiness, love, and everything you desire at any weight or dress size. The most important things to consider is how you treat yourself- body and mind.  Eating shitty food, day in and out is abusing you body.  It makes you feel like shit, both physically and mentally.  Again, this is the point here- YOUR WEIGHT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU BUT HOW YOU TREAT YOURSELF DOES.
Believe me, it can be a struggle, and sometimes I still struggle.  What I try to do is focus on listening to my body and daily movement, not to achieve a certain weight.  I focus on feeling good everyday, and I encourage you to do the same. Write out how you want to feel, and then write out what makes you feel that way.
So whether you are looking to gain weight, lose weight, have more energy or feel amazing, treating your body with respect and listening to what it needs to going to be the best.
What do you think and feel about this?  Let’s chat!  Shoot me a message at or connect on social media.
Working to live my best life and helping you to do the same,
Carmen 🙂
Want to learn more about how I can help?  Check out my Living Your Best Life Program.

IMPORTANT: The ONE Ingredient that is Ruining Your Health!

The ONE Ingredient that is Ruining Your Health!!

We all know that we should choose whole, unprocessed foods in our diet daily in order to improve our health.  But every now and then, you need to pick up some packaged foods.   How the heck do you know what to pick?  Here is the ONE thing you need to know to improve your health….


74% of packaged foods sold in your local store have added sugar.  Added sugar is not only in cookies and candy, but in many savory and “natural” foods, like: bread, pasta sauce, oatmeal, tortillas, and salsa- just about anything you can think of!  The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends the following intakes daily, or less: 38g (9tsp) for men, 25g (6tsp) for women and 12g (3 tsp) for children.  An average American consumes over 66 lbs of added sugar per year.


Pepsi (12oz) has 41g of sugar:*26*01-01&form=RTD&size=12

Raisin Bran (1 cup) 19g of sugar:

Heinz Ketchup (2 TB) 4g of sugar:

Quaker Banana Nut Oatmeal (1 packet) 12g of sugar:

So now you know- avoid sugar!  But wait, there’s a little more to it.  This is where it gets tricky- added sugar is not just listed in the ingredients list as “sugar.”  It has 61 different names- WTF… 61!  Yes, that’s right.  Check out the full list below, educate yourself and read your labels!!!

Please share this post with someone that you think could benefit from it.  Together, we can help to improve our health, the health of those that we love and the health of our communities!!!

Eat Real Food.  Be Healthy.  Feel Amazing!!!


61 Names for Sugar
Agave nectar Demerara sugar Maltol
Barbados sugar Dextrin Maltose
Barley malt Dextrose Mannose
Barley malt syrup Evaporated cane juice Muscovado
Beet sugar Free-flowing brown sugars Palm sugar
Brown sugar Fructose Panocha
Buttered syrup Fruit juice Powdered sugar
Cane juice Fruit juice concentrate Raw sugar
Cane juice crystals Glucose Refiner’s syrup
Cane sugar Glucose solids Rice syrup
Caramel Golden sugar Saccharose
Carob syrup Golden syrup Sorghum Syrup
Castor sugar Grape sugar Sucrose
Coconut palm sugar HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup) Sugar (granulated)
Coconut sugar Honey Sweet Sorghum
Confectioner’s sugar Icing sugar Syrup
Corn sweetener Invert sugar Treacle
Corn syrup Malt syrup Turbinado sugar
Corn syrup solids Maltodextrin Yellow sugar
Date sugar    
Dehydrated cane juice    





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