I take care of my body. Movement, nourishing foods, self-awareness, slowing down radical responsibility, dream chasing and love fill my days. I am relentless about caring for my body and mind and I set boundaries like a mother f**cker!⠀⠀

I have stripes on my body (aka stretch marks). Check out the back of my thighs!⠀⠀
I have a ton of scars on my skin: thank you chicken pox, box jumps, acne, burns and more I am sure I am missing!⠀⠀
If I am not careful I can put work, achievement and the illusion of sourcing my self worth from what society tells me is “success.”⠀⠀
I spent years (literally like 30+) hating my body and in constant comparison to other women that I placed on a pedestal as “better” than me, “prettier” than me, more “successful” than me, “stronger” than me… the list was endless! ⠀⠀
NOW I KNOW… 👇🏽👇🏽⠀⠀
We are all one. Truly we are more alike than different. I’ve discovered that true, authentic vulnerability is the most rewarding part of our human existence. Try it!⠀⠀
Our physical body does not defined our self worth. Neither does the scale, clothes size or any other way we use to measure our skin. Start taking care of your body and mind consistently every day, focusing on what feels good to you (not what is expected) and watch your confidence soar! ⠀⠀
Comparison is the most detrimental activity in our daily lives. WE MUST STOP! For me, after 30 years of comparison programming, it takes daily intentional reframing of my thoughts to ensure I am aligning my thoughts with my highest self daily. If you’re stuck in the comparison spiral, try this: recognize when your comparing, tell yourself “this thought is not of my highest self,” then choose a new thought. ⠀⠀
TELL ME… 👇🏽👇🏽⠀⠀
One thing that is holding you back from living your best life, you are ready to let go of… Or better yet join me at the Permission Slip Tour on March 7th in Portland, Oregon and we can chat more about this in person!
Sending each of you a ton of love and light today. May it fill you with inspiration and energy!


How Do You Relate: Body Image.  Self Worth.  Happiness.

How Do You Relate: Body Image. Self Worth. Happiness.

Body Image.  Self Worth.  Happiness.

I use to relate all three of these, often.  I remember the first time someone asked me how much I weighed I was in 6th grade.  She was in high school and I looked up to her, to be clear I idolized her.  My weight at the time was something like 70lbs but she made it seem like it was a lot….
This shaped the start of my preoccupation with my body image, weight, self worth and happiness.  For over a decade I obsessed about my weight, under eating, over exercising and being all up in my head with constant comparison and judgement. Anyone remember buns of steel with Tamilee Webb?
It’s so easy to tell ourselves (especially as women) that we won’t be satisfied or find true happiness until we achieve a certain dress size or scale weight. The truth is, it isn’t our weight that makes a difference, it’s how we treat ourselves and our body that matters. The lie I use to tell myself over and over and over was: once I reach X weight I will be happy.  Guess what?  I got to the weight and wasn’t happy.
Ok, so here’s the truth.  Your weight does not define you, but how you treat yourself does.  Society tells us you need to be skinny or gives you a permission slip need to accept your unhealthy body. So WFT are we suppose to do here?!?!
First thing to know, to accept, and to understand is that you are worthy of happiness, love, and everything you desire at any weight or dress size. The most important things to consider is how you treat yourself- body and mind.  Eating shitty food, day in and out is abusing you body.  It makes you feel like shit, both physically and mentally.  Again, this is the point here- YOUR WEIGHT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU BUT HOW YOU TREAT YOURSELF DOES.
Believe me, it can be a struggle, and sometimes I still struggle.  What I try to do is focus on listening to my body and daily movement, not to achieve a certain weight.  I focus on feeling good everyday, and I encourage you to do the same. Write out how you want to feel, and then write out what makes you feel that way.
So whether you are looking to gain weight, lose weight, have more energy or feel amazing, treating your body with respect and listening to what it needs to going to be the best.
What do you think and feel about this?  Let’s chat!  Shoot me a message at or connect on social media.
Working to live my best life and helping you to do the same,
Carmen 🙂
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I love sugar.  To be clear, I love all things that are sweet! I do not use real sugar, but sugar substitutes daily like: stevia, dates, and sweetened protein powders.  I find that I can’t get enough; I eat one bite I immediately want more.  Just like any other addiction, I know that this desire for more is in my brain and I need to mindfully work to get over this addiction.

I have loved sweets for as long as I can remember. I can pass on the chips and pizza any day but not the chocolate.  Growing up, dessert was used a reward- get good grades and you go to ice cream!  Dessert was always associated with after dinner and at every holiday as well.  When I do have the occasional indulgence, my body reacts negatively.  Inflammation sets in, I retain water and my skin becomes sore to touch.  Clear signs that sugar is not my friend, nor does it need to be part of my diet.

As of today, I am giving up sugar for the next 4 weeks.  Like I said before, I gave up the real sugar years ago, but I am now giving it all up.  No more stevia, sucralose, sugar free syrup for my coffee, sugar free BBQ sauce, stevia sweetened drinks, or even fruit.  I miss the sweetness already just writing this!

Let’s focus on what I can have (due to the no or low sugar content): lemons, lime, coconut and avocado.  For the next 4 weeks, I will take you along with me on this journey and share with you my experience, plus more information on why you may want to consider giving up sugar too.  Check back here on my blog for weekly updates.

Eat Real Food.  Be Healthy.  Feel Amazing.


IMPORTANT: The ONE Ingredient that is Ruining Your Health!

IMPORTANT: The ONE Ingredient that is Ruining Your Health!

The ONE Ingredient that is Ruining Your Health!!

We all know that we should choose whole, unprocessed foods in our diet daily in order to improve our health.  But every now and then, you need to pick up some packaged foods.   How the heck do you know what to pick?  Here is the ONE thing you need to know to improve your health….


74% of packaged foods sold in your local store have added sugar.  Added sugar is not only in cookies and candy, but in many savory and “natural” foods, like: bread, pasta sauce, oatmeal, tortillas, and salsa- just about anything you can think of!  The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends the following intakes daily, or less: 38g (9tsp) for men, 25g (6tsp) for women and 12g (3 tsp) for children.  An average American consumes over 66 lbs of added sugar per year.


Pepsi (12oz) has 41g of sugar:*26*01-01&form=RTD&size=12

Raisin Bran (1 cup) 19g of sugar:

Heinz Ketchup (2 TB) 4g of sugar:

Quaker Banana Nut Oatmeal (1 packet) 12g of sugar:

So now you know- avoid sugar!  But wait, there’s a little more to it.  This is where it gets tricky- added sugar is not just listed in the ingredients list as “sugar.”  It has 61 different names- WTF… 61!  Yes, that’s right.  Check out the full list below, educate yourself and read your labels!!!

Please share this post with someone that you think could benefit from it.  Together, we can help to improve our health, the health of those that we love and the health of our communities!!!

Eat Real Food.  Be Healthy.  Feel Amazing!!!


61 Names for Sugar
Agave nectar Demerara sugar Maltol
Barbados sugar Dextrin Maltose
Barley malt Dextrose Mannose
Barley malt syrup Evaporated cane juice Muscovado
Beet sugar Free-flowing brown sugars Palm sugar
Brown sugar Fructose Panocha
Buttered syrup Fruit juice Powdered sugar
Cane juice Fruit juice concentrate Raw sugar
Cane juice crystals Glucose Refiner’s syrup
Cane sugar Glucose solids Rice syrup
Caramel Golden sugar Saccharose
Carob syrup Golden syrup Sorghum Syrup
Castor sugar Grape sugar Sucrose
Coconut palm sugar HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup) Sugar (granulated)
Coconut sugar Honey Sweet Sorghum
Confectioner’s sugar Icing sugar Syrup
Corn sweetener Invert sugar Treacle
Corn syrup Malt syrup Turbinado sugar
Corn syrup solids Maltodextrin Yellow sugar
Date sugar    
Dehydrated cane juice    




Drink Your Water and Enjoy it!

Drink Your Water and Enjoy it!

We all know that you should be drinking water to stay healthy, but many people do not enjoy water and drink way too little on a daily basis.  Water transports nutrients throughout your body, keeps you full during the day, improves digestion, regulates your body temperature and keeps your energy levels high.

So how much do you need to choke down daily?  I recommend ½ your body weight in ounces each day up to a gallon.  The best way to do this is to buy a reusable water bottle that you can fill up and pop in the fridge at night and then grab first thing in the morning- then take that thing with you everywhere during the day!  If you’re super hard core, you can do the gallon jug thing, but who wants to drink warm water all day- not me….

Now, the enjoying part…. Try infusing your water by adding a bit of flavor!  Do this by filling a large pitcher in your fridge (or like a huge jug you’d make tea out of) and add some extras.  These recipes will store well in the fridge for up to 3 days, but I know you’ll love it and drink it up way faster than that!!


Water to fill a pitcher or jug

½ Cucumber, Sliced

1/2 Lemon, Sliced (try to remove the seeds too)

8 Mint Leaves (smooshed between your hands for sec)


Water to fill a pitcher or jug

½ Cucumber, Sliced

4 Strawberries, Sliced

4 Basil Leaves, Chopped


Water to fill a pitcher or jug

1 cup Raspberries

1 Lemon, Sliced (try to remove the seeds too)

Orange- Strawberry -Mint

Water to fill a pitcher or jug

½ Orange, Sliced

4 Strawberries, Sliced

8 Mint Leaves, Chopped


Eat Real Food.  Be Healthy.  Feel Amazing!


Starting this week, I”ll be doing something new….. Tips and Talk Tuesdays on Facebook Live!!!!

This will give all of you an opportunity to hear quick, effective tips that you can implement today to lead a healthier, happier life!!!! You will also have a chance to ask your health questions!!  I’ll answer as many as I can during the live feed, later in the comments for those of you watching after the initial video, and even the following week on the next live feed- so, ASK AWAY!!!!  Feel free to ask about anything health related… nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, goal setting, preparation and planning…anything that you can think of!!!

If you missed the first live Tips and Talk Tuesday, watch it by clicking on the link below….. and be sure to join next Tuesday at 12:15pm PST.

Eat Real Food.

Be Healthy.

Feel Amazing.

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